AAPL Intraday Updates (Archive)

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    Posted: 13 June 2009 07:05 AM #151

    litespeed - 13 June 2009 04:14 AM

    Anyone think that maybe commodities are overdone and there maybe sector rotation into tech or financials?

    Tech has been going up since March (with a couple of blips along the way). If anything the rotation is out of tech and into commodities.


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    Posted: 13 June 2009 12:40 PM #152

    Well in AH I went ahead bought more aapl for a quick three day trade.

    I think we may continue to go up a little after this drop.  We went through this after we hit 132. We dropped to 122 and then went to 143.  This time we could go to 147 and then I will bail out.

    We may still go down to 135 by friday, but then start the climb again.  I also like the volume in the last week.