FM Transmitter Recommendation

  • Posted: 28 October 2009 12:13 AM

    My wife does not have an auxilary port in her car. She has been using the Iplay from monster cable, but is getting a lot of feedback no matter what station she uses. Any recommendations on another fm transmitter?

  • Posted: 02 November 2009 02:58 PM #1

    I’ve never seen a transmitter that works to my satisfaction. If the deck is replaceable I’d just pop a new one in rather than messing with FM radio transmitters. Is that possible in this car? You can easily find stereos with an aux jack for around $100 these days…

  • Posted: 04 November 2009 12:41 AM #2

    Replacing the deck would be a hassle, nav system, dvd player, etc….

  • Posted: 04 November 2009 12:43 AM #3

    What vehicle is this? It seems astounding that something which has navigation and a DVD/entertainment system would lack an aux port. Are you sure there isn’t one hidden in the glove box or something like that?

  • Posted: 05 November 2009 01:53 AM #4

    It’s a 2006 Honda Odyssey. I could not believe it did not have one either, but apparently they started putting them in 2007. My Jeep wrangler is the lowest trim level and even it’s stereo system has an aux port.