Snow Leopard uinstall/upgrade to Macbook pro

  • Posted: 27 December 2009 04:56 PM

    Hi There,
    I’m thinking of increasing the hard disc memory and the ram memory if I can, on my mac book pro. I’ll take it into apple and get them to do it for me. Shall I wait till that’s done before installing snow leopard? many thanks for any comments

  • Posted: 31 December 2009 07:29 PM #1

    Yes Denise I would do the hardware upgrade and then do the reinstall are you doing an archive and install or an erase and install?  Also how are you migrating your data from the old drive to the new one?

    Good Luck, Roger

  • Posted: 02 January 2010 06:55 AM #2

    Hi thanks for your interest. I will go to Apple for my hard disc upgrade. I don’t feel confident about doing that myself. I rather fancy doing an archive back up before I do the new install. I will get a new external drive to do that to (with a firewire). I will keep this drive just for my back up, ( I’d like to clone my drive as it is now with Tiger running)so I can reboot from it if i need to. Again I will ask Apple to do that , so it’s done correctly, I’m a novice as i expect you have gathered!
    Any external drives you would recommend for this back up?
    Many thanks!

  • Posted: 04 January 2010 08:43 PM #3

    Hi Denise,

    Any drive big enough that is at the Apple store would work fine USB or Firewire since I think your Mac has both.  Also Carbon Copy Cloner works great and is pretty simple to use.  When doing these types of things take your time and go slow, measure twice cut once so to speak, but a little research and you’ll have no problem installing a fresh copy of Snow Leopard.  One thing I would check is your application compatibility with Snow Leopard some of your Tiger programs may not work properly with it.

    Good Luck, Roger