Just wondering if anyone has any tips about a second monitor for a Macbook please

  • Posted: 07 December 2010 08:19 PM

    I bought a Macbook for my work, but it was so much better than my old desktop that now I’m using it for both. But my eyes aren’t as good as they were, so I need a bigger screen if I am going to preserve my posture. The Mac has about 115 pixels per inch, and I reckon something close to 90 would be better for me.

    My main uses are web, email and WP, and I’m not a gamer or a big online TV watcher, so I think a widescreen is unnecessary, and would prefer something with more height than a 16:9. And I don’t want to spend a lot of money!

    So I have a choice between a typical 20” 16:9 = 1600x900 LED monitor (e.g. Samsung or LG) which I can pick up at any local electrical store, or a HP LA22f, which is more expensive but is 1680x1050 (16:10) which gives me some more height and has a few other nice features. I was just wondering, please, if anyone has any ideas:

    (a) Anyone own the HP and can report on its quality?
    (b) Know any online reviews of this monitor?
    (c) Have any experience with whether a Displayport (HP) to mini Displayport (Macbook) connector is any better than the DVI-mini Displayport connector that other monitors require?

    Hoping someone has some ideas please. Thanks.

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    Posted: 09 December 2010 10:29 AM #1

    I don’t have experience with that monitor, and can only speak to the display adapters in a limited/general fashion. And that is: in general, you’ll be fine with either, so pick the monitor that works best for you, get the appropriate adapter, and you’re cooking.


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  • Posted: 09 December 2010 02:17 PM #2

    Also, if you want real height, check out some of the Dell displays which can be rotated to portrait?brilliant for web viewing etc.


    -Matt Cox / Mac Technician / Matt on Twitter

  • Posted: 09 December 2010 06:33 PM #3

    Thanks guys for your replies. I’ll look at the Dell, though I’m not sure that rotating a 16:9 screen would give enough width, but perhaps they have something a little squarer.