Various issues/questions with Lion

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    Posted: 19 December 2011 03:37 PM

    My last two Macs were PPC running Tiger and Leopard, so I’m a bit out of the loop with regard to OS changes.

    I have a new machine running 10.7 now.  I have some questions:

    1) I no longer seem to be able to wake from sleep with the mouse (gotta use the keyboard).  Is this normal?

    2) A common problem seems to be with folder view options changing.  I’ve been keeping track of some of the things I’ve done that would trigger a change, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to control this bug.  I don’t think the effect is random - for example, changing the view options of a child folder when its parent folder is closed will sometimes cause the parent folder’s view options to change to those of the child folder.  Or one time, I closed my Applications folder (which is in icon view), and the folder which was brought to the foreground was in list view.  I immediately hit Shift-Cmd-A to re-open the Applications folder, and it opened in list view.  I think the solution is to make sure the “Always…” box is checked, although even that does not always work.  And when I restart, it seems like certain folders revert back to icon view with large icons (I reduce mine to 32x32, 36x36 on the Desktop).  Anyway, has anyone else noticed a logic to how this happens, and whether or not it really has been reduced in 10.7.2?  (I’ve read that the problem persists, but some people are reporting an improvement.)

    3) I don’t suppose there is a way to get back the “Show All Windows” functionality from Expos?, is there?  As far as I’m concerned, Mission Control is a big failure without that feature.  Why navigate between folders in two steps when you can in one?  Not everyone needs to have application windows grouped together when navigating - I know I can instantly recognize by sight which window is which app.  Having to roll the mouse wheel to fan out the windows, or switch apps before selecting the right window, only slows me down.

    4) Using Migration Assistant to transfer files from my Tiger HD to my Lion HD was a mistake (or, I need to be more selective about what I transfer).  It caused so many problems that I had to reinstall Lion.  For example, I have two monitors, with the secondary monitor at the lower left corner of the primary monitor.  This way, it’s easier to keep the mouse arrow on one monitor, and I can put the Dock on the left side of the primary monitor.  After using Migration Assistant, the Dock managed to become pinned to the left side of the secondary monitor, and I could no longer move or resize it.  Also, I started getting kernel panics.  So, to make a long story slightly less long, I’m going to move things manually - it’ll give me a chance to delete a lot of junk, and hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two about OS X.  How do I move my AddressBook entries?  I tried copying, but it didn’t do anything.  (Also, I hate the look of the new AddressBook.  That sort of gimmicky look is fine on an iPhone, but not on a computer on which multiple apps are visible at the same time (I have no desire to use fullscreen mode either).  But I digress.)

    5) If I add my old fonts to Font Book, will the fonts move, or will they just be read from their current location on my old hard drive?

    6) Is there any way to turn off URL auto-complete in Safari?

    7) Is there any way to turn off spellcheck/auto-correction in everything?

    8) This is really nit-picky, but when resizing windows, does anyone else notice that the window will shrink in one dimension by 1 pixel when you relase the mouse button?  And that there is a ‘skip’ when you first try to resize?  I realize the latter might be a safeguard against accidental resizing, but both of these make tiny, pixel-accurate adjustments a pain.  Is there any way to disable these “features”?  Or even better, go back to the “lower right corner only” way of resizing windows?  (Speaking of, for those of us who like to see scroll bars at all times, I wish Apple would have left the lower right corner as separate from the vertical scroll bar when there is no horizontal scroll bar.)

    I think that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading.  I’m so annoyed with Lion, that I’m considering downgrading to Snow Leopard.  Although I read that it has some folder view issues of its own.  But maybe it won’t feel like a big beta-test the way Lion does.

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    Posted: 22 December 2011 09:30 AM #1

    1.) is this a bluetooth mouse? if so, you can enable wake from bluetooth in system preferences>bluetooth>advanced - allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer
    with a usb mouse, it seems to wake the computer sometimes, but not consistently

    4.) To move your address book, you’ll want to go into the file>export menu and choose address book archive. Save that file off somewhere, then import it into your new address book.

    7.) System preferences>Language and Text>Text tab - Correct spelling automatically

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    Posted: 24 December 2011 05:11 AM #2

    1) Just a USB mouse.  I don’t like the weight of cordless mice, and a corded mouse seems a tiny bit more environmentally friendly.

    4) Yeah, I forgot to do the archive.  :/  Also forgot to deauthorize iTunes, heh.  I was wondering if just copying over the contents of ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook would do it.  Like, maybe I need everything in the folder (and other folders), not just the .data file.

    7) Thanks.  I found it not long after I posted.  Duh me.  smile  It seemed like certain apps were still spell-checking, but that seems to have stopped as well.

    Anyone know the answer to #5 (Font Book)?

    I also find the quarantine messages (“You are about to run an application you downloaded from the Internet,” etc. whatever) really annoying.  I tried to turn them off completely (I know, risky, but I know what I’m downloading, and I’m running LittleSnitch), but they still occur.  Heck, even an app that I’ve already run several times and have as a login item gave me that message again after I restarted my machine.  I guess it’s similar to the problem Lion has with window settings - it just seems to “forget” things.

    I’m also finding that the re-open windows after restart thing doesn’t work well.  Sometimes it doesn’t work at all - the windows disappear about a second after the desktop appears - and when it does, it only seems to re-open windows from the system drive.

    Edited to add:  Is there a way to disable Spotlight and revert back to a simple filename search in Lion?  When I disable Spotlight using the Terminal, instead of reverting to a filename search like on Tiger, search stops working completely.  The really weird thing is, I was never able to do a filename search from Cmd-F.  But after doing one from a Finder window Toolbar, the Cmd-F window has completely changed.  It became a duplicate of the Finder window I searched with (in terms of size/shape/location), the layout of the search bar/buttons/etc. has changed, and now it seems to search by filename as well.  So for the sake of understanding my Mac better, I wanted to know, exactly what happened?  And I still want to turn off Spotlight, if possible, to prevent metadata indexing.

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