What I learned watching CNBC today

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    Posted: 09 May 2012 05:21 PM

    thought it would be good to create a topic that we can use to update on what people in this group actually learn thru the day watching CNBC. For those like me who don’t get to watch the exciting tv action during the day - please post the really insightful ESPN Highlights.. Only stuff thats insightful pls

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    Posted: 09 May 2012 06:02 PM #1

    My prediction is this will be a very empty thread….

  • Posted: 09 May 2012 06:34 PM #2

    I head CNBC on for a very few moments, but one commentator, but I heard two very interesting things. They were on the floor at the SALT at Las Vegas

    1) On of the Najarian’s went long AAPL, not as a trade but as an investment. There was a question about AAPl bears, and the statement was made that if you walk around the floor, you would be hard pressed to find any AAPL bears.

    2) With regard to why is Amazon values at a 150+ P/E and AAPl isn’t: Wall Street sees AAPl as if it were a movie studio. It’s doing great because they have had a few blockbusters, but there is doubt they can keep doing it. There entire value is wrapped up in these blockbusters. However, the commentator (I forget who it was) went on to say you have to look past that and see there investment in cloud and service. It’s not like it is an enterprise software play, but they are built to have value into the future. It was probably one of the most succinct explanations of why AAPl is values where it is that I have heard.

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