MacBook Pro & KVM & Not sleep on KVM switching computer

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    Posted: 19 July 2012 03:49 AM

    My setup

    Mac Pro (early ‘09) & MacBook Pro (late ‘08) Apple 20” Cinema Display & ASUS 19” Display

    I just got a KVM (2 DVI-D, USB & Audio in/out) and have set it all up so I can switch the Apple Cinema Display between the Mac Pro & the MBP (clamshell mode/display-lid closed).

    My issue is that when I switch from the MBP to the Mac Pro the MBP goes to sleep and so when I switch back to the MBP I have to wake it by tapping the keyboard, which is really annoying.

    Has anyone come up with a hack/app/modification/fiddle that can keep a MBP awake when it’s not the Mac outputting to the Display ?




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