Emergency network connection

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    Posted: 06 October 2013 05:33 PM

    A friend’s son has spilt liquid on his MacBook. Initially the trackpad and keyboard were stuffed, but he had to get a university assignment done. Plugging in a spare keyboard and mouse did the trick.

    Now, the screen has gone. So: motherboard, fine; side ports (USB, Ethernet, etc) apparently fine; disk drive (most importantly). Unsurprisingly and infuriatingly he doesn’t have a backup. I’ve already had words over that.

    Normally I’d suggest using Target mode to get the data off the drive, but the laptop is in Auckland, and his father lives here in Wellington 700 kilometres away. I can’t see the laptop to see what connectors it has - I guess that it it’s got Thunderbolt on it, and this lad doesn’t have the cash for a cable, nor anyone near who has a compatible PC.

    I understand the mini-display port works (so the screen problem presumably isn’t the graphics card, just the connection to the screen) so what I’m suggesting is: connect the laptop to an HDMI screen, and connect it to another PC/laptop and suck everything off. What is the best suggestion for the connection? Ethernet?



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