Acrobat 11 on Retina MacBook Pro

  • Posted: 14 December 2013 03:27 PM

    Just a comment of sorts on an issue I ran into.

    Adobe’s full OSX Acrobat had been one of the programs that would not make use of the higher resolution on a Retina MacBook Pro.  It became amusing (frustrating?) after a while because Acrobat running under Windows in a virtual machine would actually make use of all the pixels.

    Acrobat 11 now officially supports retina, but if your machine is like mine you may find that it continues to use the lower resolution mode and the “Open in Low Resolution” box is checked and greyed out when you do a “Get info” on Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    The Adobe forums suggest uninstalling Acrobat, deleting the preferences plist file and then reinstalling Acrobat 11 if you find this to be an issue.  Fine, but a bit of a pain.

    I noticed, though, a followup on the Adobe forums where someone indicated this didn’t work for them.  Adobe suggested checking the plist file for whether it got written with high resolution support turned on and *then* running a touch command on the application from the terminal:

    touch /Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ XI\ Pro/Adobe\ Acrobat\

    I decided why not just try the touch command—and, in my case, Acrobat 11 suddenly found the additional resolution. 

    I suppose that Acrobat somehow managed to foul up resetting itself when I upgraded (Adobe suggests the issue may arise if upgrading from 9 or earlier versions), but that changing the date on the application file causes it to go reread that part of the file and enable the higher resolution.

    Quirky, but what the heck…