Apple to Announce Q3 Results July 21st

4 hours, 30 minutes ago · Bryan Chaffin · Apple Stock Watch

Apple Logo with Stock Graph

Apple on Monday scheduled its fiscal 3rd quarter earnings announcement for July 21st. The company will release its earnings report after the closing bell, and then hold its conference call with analysts at 5:00 PM EDT/2:00 PM PDT.    Apple will stream that call to the public.

Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ Will Stream Exclusively on Apple Music

5 hours, 16 minutes ago · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Dr. Dre's The Chronic will stream exclusively on Apple Music, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Dr. Dre works for Apple these days, and is a part of the company's Apple Music team. The album was Dr. Dre's first solo effort after leaving N.W.A., and it was released in 1992. The rapper turned media mogul won the digital rights for the album from his former record label, Death Row Records, in 2011. Since then, it has not been available on streaming services since that time. The Chronic joins Taylor Swift's 1989 as exclusive streaming titles for Apple Music.

Last Chance for the Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

7 hours, 47 minutes ago · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Noiseless App Screenshot

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle is coming to an end—if you want it, grab it now. It includes: Unibox, Noiseless, Hider 2, NoteBook 4, App Tamer 2, iStat Menus 5, Beamer 2, Chatology, Jump Desktop, and iMazing File Transfer Made Easy. That's ten great apps, and you can get them all for $19.99 through us.

Apple Music Coming to Sonos Later this Year

11:25 AM EDT, Jun. 29th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Sonos to get Apple Music support by the end of the year

Apple has confirmed its Apple Music streaming service will be coming to Sonos players, but it won't be there for Tuesday's official launch. Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers said Sonos support is "coming soon," and now Apple has confirmed that means before the end of the year.

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Apple wants its new streaming music service to be a success, so it isn't a big surprise to hear they're working on Sonos compatibility. It's interesting that whatever Apple has done to Beats Music to turn it into Apple Music is breaking Sonos compatibility.

Apple Music: What You Need to Know

9:45 AM EDT, Jun. 29th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Here's what you need to know about Apple Music

Apple Music is set to launch on Tuesday, June 30, and that means we're getting a new way to listen to music on our iPhone, iPads, Macs, and more. It also means there are new questions about just exactly what Apple Music gets us, so we rounded up some answers for you.

Apple’s Tim Cook Praises SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling

6:24 PM EDT, Jun. 26th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple CEO Tim Cook praises SCOTUS marriage equal rights ruling

Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly praised Friday's United States Supreme Court decision that ruled state laws banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional, calling the ruling a victory. Mr. Cook shared his thoughts on Twitter, which is becoming a common place for Apple executives to share their thoughts and opinions.

Music Just Isn’t Worth What It Used to Be

6:05 PM EDT, Jun. 26th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · The Back Page

Music Just Isn't Worth What It Used to Be

How much is music worth? That question has been pushed to the foreground by Apple Music, Taylor Swift, and new cries that Apple is undervaluing artists. Bryan Chaffin says this battle has been brewing for a long time, and he doesn't think some artists will be happy where it leads.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-06-26: Apple’s Confederate Flag App Ban

2:32 PM EDT, Jun. 26th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Daily Observations Podcast

Daily Observations Podcast

Apple is pulling titles from the App Store that include the Confederate flag following hate-related shootings in South Carolina. Dave Hamilton, Bryan Chaffin, John Martellaro, Kelly Guimont, and Adam Christianson join Jeff Gamet to offer up their perspective on Apple's decision, plus they have some thoughts on Apple's potential purchase of finger print sensor company Privaris.

Apple Backtracks, Reinstates Some Apps Using Confederate Symbols

2:28 PM EDT, Jun. 26th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple Backtracks, Reinstates Some Apps Using Confederate Symbols

Apple pulled all apps from the App Store with Confederate symbols such as the Battle Flag of the Confederacy Friday morning. Almost immediately, though, the company began backtracking by working with developers to reinstate apps that use such symbols for "educational or historical uses."

Apple TouchID Tech May get Boost from Privaris Purchase

2:20 PM EDT, Jun. 26th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple may be buying fingerprint sensor company Privaris

Apple may be in the process of buying fingerprint sensor technology company Privaris. The company has already transfered 26 of its 31 patents to Apple, which is a fairly common when a buyout is in the works.

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The fingerprint technology Privaris has is pretty amazing, and has a lot of potential application for Apple. We've likely already seen some of their tech show up in the iPhone and iPad, and more will show up in future product updates, too.