iOS 9: New Ways to Add Email Attachments

6 hours, 52 minutes ago · Melissa Holt · TMO Quick Tip

Add attachments in iOS 9 email messages

Today's Quick Tip is about attaching files in iOS 9. Did you know that you can now navigate to your iCloud Drive right from within the Mail app? Or that you can also enable attaching files from, say, Dropbox, without having to visit that app to do so? Well, now you know, so come in and find out all about it!

Apple Upgrades iMac Line with All Retina Displays

8 hours, 20 minutes ago · Jeff Gamet · Product News

Apple goes Retina for all iMacs

Apple updated the iMac lineup on Tuesday with a 4K Retina display for the 21.5-inch model, and 5K Retina displays for all 27-inch models. Today's updates do away with non-Retina displays across all iMacs, leaving the MacBook Air and Thunderbolt Display as the notable outsiders in Apple's high resolution display lineup.

Batband Bone Conducting Headphones Top $557,000 on Kickstarter

9:12 PM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

StudioBananaThings has a Kickstarter hit on its hands with Batband, a bone conduction headphone that lets you hear music without having speakers on or in your ear. You have to watch the video if you aren't sure what the heck that means. With 15 days to go, this project has already raised more than $557,000, far exceeding the goal of $150,000. All of the early bird options are long gone, but $149 will still let you help fund this product and get your Batband when they ship. It will retail for $250, according to the company. Check it out.

Apple News Runs Afoul of China’s Great Firewall

8:05 PM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Editorial

Apple's iPhone in China

Apple may be running afoul of China's penchant for censorship, as the company recently deactivated its new Apple News app inside the borders. Technically, Apple News hasn't launched inside China in the first place, but users who downloaded the app outside the country have been reporting that it doesn't work once they cross the Great Firewall of China. it's a tricky spot for every Western tech company. Bryan Chaffin explains.

Tag CEO: Selling 5 Million Apple Watches Is ‘Genius,’ but Smartwatches Over $2K Have a Problem

6:51 PM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

Jean-Claude Biver on CNBC

Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH's watch division and CEO of Tag Heuer, has an on-again, off-again affair with Apple Watch. In an interview on CNBC, he said that if Apple has sold five million Apple Watches, it is a "genius" accomplishment. At the same time, he said smartwatches priced more than $2,000 (like Apple Watch Edition) have a huge problem.

Build 20 Apps through iOS 9 and Xcode 7 Guide: $19

5:01 PM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide

We have a deal for you developers and aspiring developers today called "iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Guide." This training tutorial bundle will walk you through building 20 apps with Objective-C and Swift 2 using Apple's Xcode integrated development environment (IDE). Check out the deal listing for more details.

iPhone 6, 6 Plus get Bluetooth 4.2, Boost Apple’s Smarthome Plans

3:49 PM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple updates iPhone 6s and 6 Plus with Bluetooth 4.2

Pop quiz: What Bluetooth version is included in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? It's a trick question because when they shipped a year ago the answer was Bluetooth 4.0, but now that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are out, it's Bluetooth 4.2. Apple changed out the Bluetooth hardware in last year's iPhones, and it's all about home automation.

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Bluetooth 4.2 is like a holy grail for smart home devices because it offers the possibility of a unified platform instead of the mess we have now with one hub for our lights, another for our heating and cooling system, and more for our locks and switches. Updating last year's iPhone with the new chips makes Apple's position clear: Bluetooth 4.2 is exactly what devices makers should be using for their smarthome gear.

Dude. Dell is Buying EMC

10:23 AM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Dell buying EMC, giving the money back to the shareholders

PC maker Dell is ready to drop some serious cash on EMC in what's going to be the biggest tech company acquisition ever. Dell will be spending some US$67 billion on the deal and plans to leave EMC's crown jewel, VMware, as a publicly traded company.

The Mac Observer Spin The Mac Observer Spin is how we show you what our authors think about a news story at quick glance. Read More →

The PC market is a pretty tough place right now, so it isn't any surprise that Dell is looking to services as a way to boost its revenue. Dell led the race to the bottom in the PC industry. It'll be interesting to see how they handle EMC's assets.

L16: 16 Cameras, 52 Megapixel, 1 Case

9:36 AM EDT, Oct. 12th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Move over DSLR cameras, because here comes the L16 from Light. Instead of single interchangeable lenses, the L16 packs 16 cameras into its smartphone-sized body it uses to snap images at up to 52 megapixels. The camera packs in five 35mm and five 70mm focal length lenses, along with six 150mm lenses. Throw in a little computational photography, and you get a single camera that Light founder Rajiv Laroia says is more versatile and offers better photo quality than the current crop of DSLRs. He says a similar DSLR setup would cost about US$6,000, but the L16 costs $1,200. The downside is that it's only available for preorder now. You'll have to wait until to try one out. You can check out Mr. Laroia talking about the L16 on Robert Scoble's Facebook page.

Silicon Valley Sources Refute Elon Musk Claims about Apple

8:30 PM EDT, Oct. 9th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · The Back Page

Elon Musk and Tim Cook Taking a Ride in TMO's Rendering of an Apple Car

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the world Friday that Apple has been hiring people fired from Tesla, that Apple is jokingly known as the Tesla Graveyard. That's not the story I've been hearing for some time from my sources. My understanding is that many people have been leaving Tesla to go to a variety of other companies, and not just to Apple.

Two Minute Clip from Steve Jobs Film where Woz Asks Steve What He Does (Video)

6:08 PM EDT, Oct. 9th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Universal Pictures released a new trailer for Steve Jobs, the Danny Boyle directed film written by Aaron Sorkin. The two minute clip is a contiguous scene where Steve Wozniak is asking Steve Jobs what exactly he does, since he's not an engineer. Steve Jobs's answer in the clip is awesome. It takes place before the unveiling of the NeXT Cube, which Woz predicts (in the film) will be a failure. It was.

Dark Castle and System 6 Emulator in Your Browser

5:52 PM EDT, Oct. 9th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Nostalgia! Steve Jobs had no truck with it, but the rest of it are often consumed. In that light, I bring you Dark Castle running in a System 6 emulator in your browser, powered by Javascript. Come on, that's frakking cool! The screenshot I included is just the landing page, but if you're an old school Mac gamer it caught your eyes and sucked you in. Now, click through to the link and say goodbye to the rest of your day. Oh, and you're welcome.

Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell: $149

5:31 PM EDT, Oct. 9th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell and iPhone

Check out the Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell. It's a doorbell for your home with a built-in camera so you can see who's there, whether or not you're at home. It has a lot of features, too, starting with the fact that your iPhone notifies you when someone presses the doorbell. It also ability to detect if someone is there whether or not they push the button, and it has night-vision capabilities, attaches to a wired doorbell, and streams video at 640 x 480. This device retails for $199, but through our deal it's $149.  There's an information video on the deal listing.