Local Content Deals to Delay Apple’s Streaming TV Plans

30 minutes ago · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple's streaming TV service may be delayed over local TV station deals

Apple most likely won't launch its rumored streaming television service this fall thanks to content licensing deals for local content. The company wants to include local TV stations as part of its service, but swinging the deals is proving to be a difficult task.

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If Apple really wants to disrupt the current television distribution model, deals with local stations across the country would play a significant role. Considering how difficult it is to line up those deals, however, Apple may have to make a decision to keep waiting, or launch with just a handful of stations and hope more come on board over time.

1987 Apple Promo Video Hints at Hubris of the 1990s

6:47 PM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Hubris. Wow. So much hubris. The first half of the video below was a promo video Apple made in 1987 under then-CEO John Scully. It was fashioned to be a fake series of clips set ten years in the future (in 1997) that showed how awesome and big Apple would be. From satellites to Macintosh psychiatrists, to even the very notion of success, it's all wrong. It features John Scully, who is proudly featured as the glorious leader of Apple in 1997, Michael Spindler, who would replace him and be fired in 1996, Steve Wozniak, who offers the most insightful comments in the piece, and Del Yoakem, who also had some interesting things to say. Blake Patterson, who posted the video to YouTube, described it as cheesy and cute. Personally it makes me cringe. So much hubris. And it was so wrong, both on technology and Apple's future.

Blur Premium Privacy Protection Lifetime Subscription: $49.99

3:29 PM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Blur Premium Privacy Protection Lifetime Subscription: $49.99

Blur is an interesting service that creates disposable email addresses for required email confirmations, makes limited-balance, limited-duration credit card numbers that are accepted anywhere credit cards are, and creates a masked phone number that forwards calls and texts to your real phone number. It also includes a password keeper that will sync across devices and browsers. We have a deal that will let you get a lifetime subscription to Blur for $49.99, a discount of 74 percent. Check it out.

Apple May Finally Be Ready to Reinvigorate the iPad

2:55 PM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Apple is brilliant at building user interfaces. One essential element in that practice is to have a vision. But sometimes the vision doesn't work out in the real world, and Apple engineers have to backtrack. In the case of iOS on an iPad, Apple's obsession with the one app at-a-time on a 9.7-inch display is not serving the customer well. Apple may be getting ready to fix that problem.

Google Study Finds ‘Security Questions’ Next to Useless

2:39 PM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

Google Study Finds 'Security Questions' Next to Useless

Google has published the results of a study that found security questions (or challenge questions) used for online account recovery are next to useless. To distill it down to a single sentence, security questions, "suffer from a fundamental flaw: their answers are either somewhat secure or easy to remember—but rarely both." Bryan Chaffin explains.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-05-22: Fingerprints to Google and Apple Watch Heartrate Monitoring

1:08 PM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Dave Hamilton & Bryan Chaffin · Daily Observations Podcast

Daily Observations Podcast

Google wants to offer Android M users the convenience of Touch ID's fingerprint unlocking... will users want to offer Google their fingerprints? Also, do you care if Apple Watch checks your resting heart rate less than every ten minutes, because it seems like that's what's happening with this week's Watch OS update. Bryan and Dave talk through all of this today on TDO.

Apple’s App Store Needs Cold Storage

10:10 AM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Kelly Guimont · Editorial

Apple's App Store Needs Cold Storage

There are over a million apps in the iTunes App Store. This is both great and terrible news. One thing that would help is if Apple added a "cold storage" section for apps that are no longer being updated. Kelly explains the issue and how she'd solve it. 

Apple Watch: Three Tips on Contacting Your Pals

8:30 AM EDT, May. 22nd, 2015 · Melissa Holt · TMO Quick Tip

Want to use your Apple Watch to get in touch with folks, quickly and easily? Then boy, do we have a Quick Tip for you today! In this article, Melissa Holt will cover adding new colors to your Digital Touch palette, using Force Touch to assist with Messages, and sending dictated texts as fast as possible.

Promotional Apple II Video with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Byte Shop

5:44 PM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Check out this Apple II promotional video circa 1984. Built on still images, it features voiceovers from Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Paul Terrell, who owned the Byte Shop. The voiceover tells the story of Apple I and Apple II, and includes all manner of tidbits from Apple lore. Highlights for me include Mr. Terrell's recollection of a parts company asking if the two Steves really had an order for 50 Apple I computers, Steve Jobs talking about Woz's ability to reduce components, and several comments about the need for someone to make fully assembled computers. It also features an atrocious song with the lyrics, "Apple II forever and ever/bringing the rainbows to you." It was posted to YouTube in April 2011 by Blake Patterson, who penned a blog post on this and several other Apple promo videos. I hadn't seen it before, and neither had Harry McCracken, who posted something about it on Thursday at FastCompany. It's very interesting, so check it out.

Google Reportedly Plans to Fingerprint ID to Android M

4:47 PM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Rumor

Google Reportedly Plans to Fingerprint ID to Android M

Google will be adding native fingerprint authentication to the next version of Android, Android M, according to Buzzfeed. Without citing sources, the publication said the feature would allow users to login to their many Google services with a fingerprint. The company will reportedly announce the feature during next week's Google I/O developer conference.

The Pick Your Own Apple Toy Giveaway

4:09 PM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

The Pick Your Own Apple Toy Giveaway

We have another fun giveaway with our friends at Stack Social called the Pick Your Own Apple Toy Giveaway. To enter, simply sign up to receive TMO daily deal emails—you can also share your entry with your friends to earn more entries. If you win—and we hope you win—you get to select any Apple product they want for under $700. Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone 6, iPad mini or iPad Air...pick what you want. You can find details on the giveaway page.

Three Easy Ways to Get Started With Home Automation

3:55 PM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Kelly Guimont · How-To

Home automation sounds really intimidating when you hear Kelly talk about hubs and horrible user experiences and compatibility concerns. Luckily there are three easy ways you can try a little bit of automation yourself without having to spend a lot of time learning new tech. Kelly has three examples of easy ways to set up cool automation in your house with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Apple Could Add Mass Transit to Maps in iOS 9

11:56 AM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Rumor

Apple Could Add Mass Transit to Maps in iOS 9

Apple is planning to reintroduce mass transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9. Apple hopes to introduce bus, subway, and train route navigation to Apple Maps, a feature that has been absent since Apple stopped working with Google to power its mapping services.

Apple Reportedly Looking at Expansion into San Jose

10:42 AM EDT, May. 21st, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · News

Apple Reportedly Looking at Expansion into San Jose

Apple is looking at two different sites in north San Jose for expansion, according to online reports. Any move into the largest city in the Valley would be the first such for Apple, despite its close proximity to Cupertino—the two municipalities border one another.