Apple Ready for its First Australian Bond Sale

10:41 AM EDT, Aug. 17th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Apple gets ready for kangaroo bond sale

Apple is ready to expand its bond sales to Australia and has calls with investors lined up for Monday. The bonds could raise between AU$500 million (about US$368.4 million) and $1 billion, and are expected to give the Australian investor's market a big boost.

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Apple has been diversifying its bond sales, so it isn't a surprise that Australia is on the list. The bonus is that this bond sale will bring a much needed boost to the Australian market, too.

Documented Proof of Apple Car Project Emerges

5:50 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

GoMentum Grounds

The Guardian has uncovered documented proof of the existence of Apple's Car project. According to those documents, Apple has been in touch with GoMentum Station, a testing and research facility built on the bones of the Concord naval weapons station that specializes in autonomous vehicles.

Apple Should Release a New Apple TV Soon and Be Done

5:20 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Time for a new Apple TV

Apple has dragged its feet for years on a next generation Apple TV, and now the competition is really heating up. Instead of releasing the very best hardware it knows how to make and letting a subscription TV service sort itself out, Apple, it seems, delayed hardware when it had every reason to expect that negotiations with content holders would be difficult and protracted. John Martellaro thinks this was a very bad strategy.

Sponsor: Macphun’s Creative Kit with 5 Essential Photo Editing Apps

4:20 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

We're very pleased to welcome – and thank! – Macphun to TMO as this week's sponsor. Macphun has been creating software for the Mac and iOS for a long time and has earned "best-of App Store" honors for all of the last 3 years. Right now they're featuring their Creative Kit, a suite of 5 apps to help you create stunning monochrome images, reveal hidden details, fix imperfections, add depth, remove digital noise and more with your photos.

Tab LapDesk Has Writing Surface and Holds Devices

4:19 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Check out the Tab LapDesk from iSkelter. It's a wooden desk for your lap that has a slot designed to hold your iPad, iPhone, or both devices at the same time. I suppose it would hold Android devices, too, if that's your thing. In any event, it gives you a nice writing surface while holding your devices. Simple and elegant. It's priced at $49. Oh, and there's an optional built-in white board—one for lefties and one for right-handed folks! That's just clever.

Apple Watch 42mm Link Bracelet Kit Adds Links for Large Wrists at $49

3:37 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple rolled out a 42mm Link Bracelet Kit for Apple Watch on Friday. The $49 kit has six additional links the for the Link Bracelet strap for Apple Watch—despite the name of the kit, those additional links add up to 40mm to the Link Bracelet for wrists more than 205mm in diameter. The Link Bracelet is designed so that individual links can be removed or added without special tools. This kit's links are the same as the links that come in the Link Bracelet itself so that they match. The kit currently lists a shipping time of 5-7 days.

Sign Up for TMO’s iPad Air 2 Giveaway

3:25 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · TMO Deals

Win an iPad Air 2 from The Mac Observer

How do you make the iPad Air 2 even more awesome than it already is? By giving one away for free, so that's exactly what The Mac Observer is doing. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is that you get to pick which color you'd like if you win. All you need to do is sign up to receive our deals emails from our special giveaway page, and you can share the giveaway on Twitter to score yourself extra entries. Go sign up!

Apple TV won’t get Streaming Television Until 2016

1:59 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

New Apple TV launching without streaming TV service

Apple may be planning on introducing a new Apple TV model in September, but it won't come with a streaming television service—at least not until next year. Apple will reportedly introduce the new Apple TV on September 9, but won't mention its own streaming TV plans thanks to content licensing negotiation delays.

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Apple needs to do something to stay in the set top media box game, and getting a significant Apple TV refresh on store shelves would certainly help. They can work on getting the content deals in place for the rumored streaming TV service at the same time, but don't need to let that hold back the new hardware launch.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-08-14: Apple TV and Streaming TV, Cool iPhone Tips

1:23 PM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · Daily Observations Podcast

Daily Observations Podcast

Word on the street says Apple TV is getting and update along with a streaming TV service, but not at the same time. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about their thoughts on launching the TV service after releasing new hardware and what features they think will be important for consumers. They also look at some cool iPhone tips. 

US Courts to Samsung: No Really, You Copied the iPhone

10:17 AM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Jeff Gamet · News

Appeals Court says Samsung really did copy iPhone design

Samsung's latest request to have the big loss in its mobile device patent infringement fight with Apple reviewed earned a big nope from the U.S. Court of Appeals. The electronics maker asked for the full twelve judge panel to rehear its case following a three judge panel's ruling that Apple's win stands. Assuming Samsung continues to pursue the case, its next step is the U.S. Supreme Court.

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It isn't a surprise that the U.S. Appeals Court refused to review its earlier ruling. It's next step is to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its case.

iOS 9: See Extra Battery Details

8:58 AM EDT, Aug. 14th, 2015 · Melissa Holt · TMO Quick Tip

iOS 9 battery features

Let's talk about the beta of iOS 9! And let's specifically go over a new setting that'll let us determine more precisely how our battery life is being used. If you've ever been curious to see which apps are eating up your battery in the background, now you beta testers can know for sure. We've got energy-saving happiness for you in today's Quick Tip.

Thursday’s Aerial View of Apple Campus 2

6:37 PM EDT, Aug. 13th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · News

Aerial View of Apple Campus 2

Ron Cervi of KCBS posted two more aerial views of Apple Campus 2—the Spaceship HQ—on Thursday, giving us another bird's eye view of the building taking shape. Five of what appear to be ten major sections of the buildings have risen from the Cupertino soil, including one of the sections that will have glass walls for the exterior.

Koingo Mac Essentials Bundle: $24.99

5:43 PM EDT, Aug. 13th, 2015 · Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

AirRadar Screenshot

We have a deal today on five apps from software maker Koingo: AirRadar 3, MacPilot 7, MacCleanse 5, Data Guardian 3, and Alarm Clock Pro 10. These utilities will help you find free and open Wi-Fi networks, tweak your Mac's UI, keep your Mac clean and organized, protect and encrypt files, and more. They retail individually for $110, but through our deal they're $24.99. Check out details on each app on the deal listing.