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New Jury Awards Apple $539 Million for Samsung Copying iPhone

The verdict reached on Thursday awards Apple $539 million, down from the $1.05 billion Apple was originally awarded, but higher than the $28 million Samsung was arguing it owed.

About that Time Alexa Recorded a Background Conversation and Sent it to a Friend

Alexa’s been getting a bit presumptuous*, it seems, having recorded a conversation taking place in the background, bundling it up nicely, and packing it off to a friend of her owner.

How to Install NetBeans to Write and Debug HTML on Your Mac for Free, Part II

NetBeans is a very useful IDE that supports many languages on the Mac. In the first article, John explained how to do the install. Here, in Part II, he shows how to get started writing and learning HTML.

Leaked 2018 iPhone Images Begin

It’s that time of year, time for leaked images of iPhone to appear on the Interwebs. Twitter user Mr. White posted a photograph (via BGR) of what he called “iPhone X 6.1 OLED,” though it’s frankly unclear if it’s actually an iPhone, actually OLED, or actually 6.1-inches. The next iPhone X is expected to be 5.8-inches, with a Plus model that’s 6.5-inches. That information is not from Apple, so keep a salt lick on hand when considering it. What is the case, however, is that this is about when Apple’s chain starts leaking photographs like this. It could be a real iPhone, it could be test-components for something Apple is messing about with in its labs, it could be a deliberate leak (maybe to flush out leakers), it could be Android device components, or it could be some kind of Apple knock-off component/device being hacked together in the back of a warehouse in China. It could be a prank, joke, lie, or image from 2015. Take your pick!

Picking the Right Tool for the Job (iPad Edition)

Dr. Mac talks to a company that says its iPads “enable 250 employees to be more effective with their time, saving over 50,000 hours per year on accessing and capturing information in the field by going to a paperless workflow.

Mighty, the First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player: $79.99

We have a deal on Mighty, which bills itself as the first on-the-go Spotify music player. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled, Mighty can stream music without a smartphone. It also stores up to 1,000 songs for offline listening, and you can pair to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. It’s $79.99 through our deal.

It's Summer! Here are 4 Summer Activity Apps For Your Adventures

Except for one, Andrew regularly use these apps so he knows they’re good.

Alternative WWDC Conferences You'll Want to Know About

WWDC isn’t the only conference going on in June. There will be alternative WWDC conferences going on, such as the popular AltConf.

How to Enable SQM on Your eero WiFi Mesh Network

eero added SQM, or Smart Queue Management to its WiFi mesh routers to help your network run more efficiently. Here’s how to enable the feature.

Intel's Mac CPU Roadmap, Network Buffer Bloat Explained - TMO Daily Observations 2018-05-24

Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro and join Jeff Gamet to look at what’s coming in Intels next generation processors for the Mac, plus Dave explains network buffer bloat and why it matters.

Tour the Millennium Falcon with Donald Glover

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on Friday, May 25th, but you don’t have to wait until Friday to get a look inside the new Millennium Falcon because you can check it out now with Donald Glover. Glover plays Lando Calrissian, the Falcon’s owner in the movie, and he take you on a tour of the ship. You get to see the cockpit, bar, captain’s quarters, and even Lando’s cape closet. And tomorrow you can head to the theater and see the Falcon in action.

Instapaper Temporarily Shutting Down in European Union for GDPR

Instapaper is temporarily shutting down in the EU starting on May 24th while it’s brought in to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

How to Create GIFs on iOS with the Workflow App

For today’s Quick Tip, Melissa Holt will walk us through creating a simple automated task within the iOS Workflow app…which is kind of like building stuff in Automator on the Mac. In other words, fun! And it’s a good way to learn the basics of automation, too. She’ll tell us all about it!

A Typographer Excavates Original Mac Fonts and Finds Hidden Characters

Check out this great piece by Ben Zotto at Medium. It’s about how he used an original Mac to study Susan Kare’s Chicago, Geneva, New York, and San Francisco fonts. He was looking to better understand the magic that was Chicago, the original proportional font on the Mac. What he found, though were sheep. I don’t want to give it away because it’s a good read, but here’s a snippet:

So what was that thing about the hidden sheep, anyway, you ask? Well, the deconstruction of the original Mac font resources revealed something puzzling: in several of the fonts — though not all of them — there is an unexpected secret character hidden alongside all the normal ones.

What to Know About the New Intel CPUs: Coffee Lake & Cannon Lake

Apple’s 2017 MacBook Pros and iMacs use the Intel “Kaby Lake” CPUs. But “Coffee Lake” is coming and “Cannon Lake” after that. John sorts it all out.

On Consumer Reports' Approach to Apple

AppleInsider‘s Stephen Silver took a trip to Consumer Reports to talk about that magazine’s approach to Apple. It’s a very good read, full of direct information about some of CR’s high-profile criticisms of Apple’s report. Here’s a snippet:

This all said, there are a few things we conclude from our visit to Consumer Reports. Having viewed their testing process and met with their team, we are confident that they do not harbor a purposeful anti-Apple agenda, nor is there any sort of conspiracy against Apple afoot behind the CR walls. Their complete testing and evaluation process is conducted with integrity and in good faith.

However, there may very well be something about CR’s analytical, numbers-driven process that clashes with the design-heavy Apple ethos, and makes their conclusions about Apple products different from those of more traditional reviewers. Even so, this hasn’t stopped them from recommending most of Apple’s lineup.

Twitter Insanity, Apple's AI Showdown, FBI Exaggeration, Apple's HQ Hunt - ACM 463

Twitter has lost its corporate mind, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet argue in this episode of ACM. They also weigh the importance of WWDC 2018 in terms of Siri, and discuss whether or not Apple has to announce significant improvements to remain competitive in AI. Then there’s the revelation that the FBI exaggerated the number of locked iPhones it couldn’t get into, and they squeeze in a fourth topic, too: Apple’s hunt for a new campus, and how it contrasts with Amazon.

Did You Pay for a New iPhone 6 Battery? You Can Get Money Back

To be eligible, you had to have bought it between January 1, 2017 and December 28, 2018.

Doppler Music Player is an Alternative Music App for iOS

Andrew thinks the app is worth it if you have file formats like FLAC, or if you just want an alternative music app to Apple’s offering.

macOS: How to Optimize Mac Storage for Your Hard Drive

Optimize Storage lets you free up storage space by having the system automatically keep things in iCloud.