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NASA Personality Test Gives Tim Cook the Trait of Advisor

A psychological test once used by NASA on astronauts calculates Tim Cook as “Advisor.” It’s called the Process Communication Model, and it categorizes people under six categories: Advisors, Connectors, Doers, Dreamers, Originals, and Organizers. According to one website, Advisors make up 10% of the population, and curiously this trait skews 75% male. Tim Cook is well known for his careful, articulate way of speaking in interviews and keynotes, and when you look at Advisor traits, it makes sense. Or, it could be a cognitive bias. You see, I personally find this whole thing a bit concerning. Online personality tests are fun to take, but they definitely aren’t valid medical advice. That requires seeing a therapist. So it’s easy to cast yourself as one personality or another by comparing and contrasting traits you think you have, versus the traits that the personality has. However, unless Mr. Cook has seen a psychologist, the news that Tim is this trait is probably bunk. But I still think it’s Cool Stuff.

Google Brings Its 'ARCore' to 100 Million Android Devices

This is essentially Google’s answer to Apple’s ARKit, and Bryan Chaffin can’t help but think it illustrates Apple’s advantage and Google’s disadvantages in the smartphone business.

French Tax Reform Activists Win Legal Permission to Continue Protesting at Apple Stores

Attac accuses Apple of dodging local taxes, an offshoot of controversy over Apple’s international corporate structure, and a court ruling affirmed their right to protest at Apple Stores.

HomePod Will Soon Be Obsolete as Companion Robots Become Popular

Just what exactly is an intelligent speaker? It’s a companion robot that just sits, without mobility. Who wants that?

1Password Can Find Your Pwned Passwords: Find Out How

Agilebits has announced a tremendously important feature for 1Password subscriptions: the ability to see if your passwords are pwned passwords—here’s what you need to know about it.

iOS: How to Use Siri Hands Free From Your iPhone Lock Screen

Using Siri hands free with AirPods is great, but then I ran into a problem.

Study Shows Consumers don't Use Smart Speaker Voice Control for Much

Loup Ventures just released a survey on smart speaker owners and it has two interesting points: HomePod is already gaining marketshare, and people don’t use their smart speakers for very smart stuff.

Need a Mac IRC Client? Here are 3 You Can Use

I spent a couple of days trying out different ones. Here are my thoughts.

HyperDrive USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI Support: $44.99

We have a deal on the HyperDrive USB-C Hub with 4K HDMI Support. This device expands what you can do with your USB-C ports on your MacBook with HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and an extra USB Type-C port. It’s $44.99 through us.

How We Use Smart Speakers, the Future of Companion Robots - TMO Daily Observations 2018-02-23

Andrew Orr and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at a survey showing how consumer use their smart speakers, plus they talk about the future of companion robots.

How to Turn Off HomePod's Siri Light

If you don’t want a pulsing light on top of your HomePod every time you say, “Hey Siri,” here’s how to turn it off.

Apple's AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Reportedly Coming in March

When Apple unveiled its AirPower wireless charging mat last September the company said it would ship some time in 2018, and it’s looking like “some time” may be March.

Apple Repair Center Making Lots of 911 Calls By Mistake

The issue appears to be iPhones and/or Apple Watches making emergency calls when they’re being handled by technicians.

Family Robot Companions Are Evolving Fast, Will Soon Be Common

John just interviewed a company that’s making a family robot companion, and he sees the future more clearly than ever.

Apple Hires Another Veteran TV Executive - Carol Trussell Will Be Head of Production

Deadline reported that Ms. Trussell will start in March, and will oversee production issues for Apple’s original shows.

The Spotify Platform Problem, Tim Cook Insights, and Apple TV Gaming - ACM 450

Bryan and Jeff talk about the Spotify Platform problem and the problems facing any independent music streaming service. They also talk about the things they learned from Tim Cook’s interview with Fast Company, and whether or not Apple is signaling a bigger play in Apple TV gaming.

An Apple Patent Hints at an Apple TV Gaming System

It’s not clear if it’s a separate console (probably not though) or just video game accessories or a platform.

HomePod Review, Cook Interview, Crypto Tax Haven, Music in Ear of Beholder, App Picks - Pop.0 Ep.30

In this TMO video podcast, Bryan Chaffin and John Kheit discuss Apple’s new HomePod after 10 days of use, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s FastCompany interview, Wyoming wanting to become a Crypto Tax Haven, and how music influences really are in the ear of the beholder. They also offer a couple of app picks. (WARNING NSFW: PROFANITY & RANTS)

iOS Developers can add up to 10 App Screenshots Now

Adding more app screenshots will let developers show more of an app’s capabilities.

Design+Code2 iOS Design and Xcode Training: $39

We have a deal on the Design+Code2 iOS Design & Xcode Training, a developer training course. It includes 44 hours of video training material, and it comes with more than 36 Sketch files and 36 Xcode project files and templates. This course is $39 through us, 74% off retail.