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iPhone Hack Hits Android and Windows Phones Too

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The unprecedented cyber attack on iOS devices revealed last week went well beyond iPhones and was used for surveillance on Uighur civilians.

Apple Card is 90% Made of Titanium

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The Apple Card is made out of titanium, but just how much? Bloomberg Businessweek wanted to know, so they sent one off to an expert to find out.

A Bloomberg Businessweek reporter sent his card to a mineralogist, University of California, Berkeley professor Hans-Rudolf Wenk. Professor Wenk used what’s known as a scanning electron microscope, or SEM device, to determine the card’s atomic makeup. He found that the answer is about 90%. The rest of the card is aluminum, according to the analysis. The Apple Card isn’t the first credit card to be made with metal, as both American Express and Chase offer their own heavy cards, but Apple’s stands out, given the company’s push to market its metallic essence.

Simple ways to bring Safari tabs together

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It is not entirely intuitive how to move a standalone window onto a window with multiple tabs in Safari, so Charlotte explains how.

Apple Pay Makes Up Just 9% of U.S. Mobile Payments

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The U.S. is a long way behind when it comes to mobile payments. A report by CNBC  found that Apple Pay made up just 9% of payments in the U.S.

“The U.S. is not a leader when it comes to mobile payments — at best, it’s the middle of the pack compared to other countries,” said Gerard du Toit, partner and head of the banking and payments sector of Bain’s financial services practice in North America. It seems odd considering the ubiquity of iPhones and Androids in the United States. More than 81% of Americans own a smartphone, up from 35% just eight years ago, according to Pew Research Center. While experts say mobile payments in the U.S. will eventually close the gap, they see legacy financial systems, a lack of a need for other options, and rewards cards as major headwinds.

Latest iOS Hack is a Game Changer

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We are only starting to understand the full extent of the iOS hack revealed Friday by Google researchers. At Wired, Andy Greenberg and Lily Hay Newman argued it changes everything we know about iPhone hacking.

The attack is notable not just for its breadth, but the depth of information it could glean from a victim iPhone. Once installed, it could monitor live location data, or be used to grab photos, contacts, and even passwords and other sensitive information from the iOS Keychain. With such deep system access, the attackers could also potentially read or listen to communications sent through encrypted messaging services, like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Signal. The malware doesn’t break the underlying encryption, but these programs still decrypt data on the sender and receiver’s devices. Attackers may have even grabbed access tokens that can be used to log into services like social media and communication accounts. Reed says that victim iPhone users would probably have had no indication that their devices were infected

When Elon Musk Met Jack Ma

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Two of techs’ biggest names, Elon Musk and Jack Ma, had a head-to-head debate at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. Bloomberg News laid out some of the highlights from the billionaires’ discussion.

Musk: People underestimate the capability of AI. They sort of think like it’s a smart human. (But it’s going to be) much smarter than the smartest human you will ever know.

Ma: I never in my life say human beings will be controlled by machines, it’s impossible…Human beings can never create another thing that is smarter than human beings.

Musk: I very much disagree with that. The biggest mistake I see people making is to assume they’re smart.

Ma: My view is that computers might be more clever, human beings are much smarter.

Happy #positiveTwitterday Everybody

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Users are tired of the sniping, arguing, and fake news on Twitter, so for one day they are making it a happier place – #positiveTwitterday.

Pokémon Masters for iOS is Live

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Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters on iOS is now available to download, although there were some server problems when the game arrived a day early.

How The iPhone Drives the Future of Mobile Silicon

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When the new iPhone is released next month it will almost-certainly be powered by Apple’s A13 chip. As such, it will be the result of years of research into mobile silicon, not to mention customer dollars. Daniel Eran Dilger explained  the development in an in-depth piece for AppleInsider.

In an interview with Ars Technica last year, Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller noted that the company’s silicon designers regularly meet with other groups to explore how their needs can be accommodated in future hardware designs… While Google got more sympathetic media coverage, Apple has been building an ISP into all of its iPhones for years now. It effectively works as part of the camera system, both for users and third-party apps. Every new iPhone delivers further advancements in the ISP, allowing every new generation to capture better photos, higher frame rates, improved exposure and a variety of other advancements that enhance imaging inside and outside the camera app.


'Inside Google, it's a Game of Thrones'

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While we may be cynical about much of what Google does, it is easy to imagine it being a fairly pleasant place to work. According to report on Business Insider, away from bright colours and free food, there is another, less pleasant, side to things. The sex and politics apparently resembles the goings of a popular HBO television show.

Google is a hotbed of sex and political infighting. And it always has been. A source who spent most of his career at Google put it this way: “Inside Google, it’s a Game of Thrones.” Game of Thrones is a series of novels and an HBO television show. The plot is wildly intricate, but the main story is about how several families from all over the Kingdom are competing to take over the throne. The show and books are full of violence, sex, and political intrigue. There is no violence at Google. But sex and politics? Oh, yes.

If The iPhone Was Made in the 1980s

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Ever wondered what the iPhone would look like if it had been invented in the 1980s? No, me neither, but it turns out artist Future Punk had and the result is pretty cool. They posted images of a 80’s style device on Instagram. They also recreated famous Apple adverts.

If The iPhone Was Made in the 1980s

Steve Wozniak: 'I Wish Apple Had Split up'

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Steve Wozniak Split Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he wished “split up a long time ago,” but it was stil “the best” of the big tech companies.

Facebook Announces New Political Advertiser Requirements

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Facebook logo

Facebook announced additional requirements for political advertisers Wednesday, The Verge reported. Those who want to run political ads will have to provide more information such as government-issued identification numbers.

Today’s changes mark an evolution in the political ad disclosure requirements that Facebook introduced last year. Beginning last spring, the company began to require anyone buying political advertising to verify their identity and location. Now they will have to go a step further, offering proof they’re part of the organization they say they represent. For commercial businesses, nonprofits, and nongovernmental organizations, that will mean providing a tax-registered organization identification number. Government and military advertisers will have to provide a web domain and email address that ends in .gov or .mil. Political action committees and parties will need to provide their Federal Election Commission identification numbers.

'Dickinson' to Headline Tribeca TV Festival

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Dickinson Trailer

Forthcoming Apple TV+ show Dickinson will headline the Tribeca TV Festival in September, Deadline reported. A trailer for the show landed Tuesday.

The premiere of Apple TV+’s fall comedy series Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld will headline the New York fest, which takes place September 12-15. The half-hour series will screen ahead of its September 14 TV premiere and will be followed by a discussion with Oscar-nominated actress Steinfeld, who plays the titular writer; Jane Krakowski; and series creator, showrunner and executive producer Alena Smith (The Affair, The Newsroom). Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt and Adrian Blake Enscoe also star. Dickinson isn’t a normal historical series with bonnets, corsets and proper ladies. The comedy subverts all of that as it audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender and family from the perspective of the rebellious young poet, Emily Dickinson. Set in the 19th century, Dickinson is a coming-of-age story that finds the author to be an unexpected hero for our millennial era.