Apple Announces iOS 16 to Launch Sept. 12 for All iPhone Users


Today Apple introduced a host of new products during its September Far Out event. While many are excited for the new iPhone 14 series, many are certainly also looking forward to a public release of iOS 16.

Those that are waiting for iOS 16, Sept. 12 is your lucky day.

iOS 16 to Launch Sept. 12 for All Users

Along with Apple announcing the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple also once again made mention of iOS 16. Originally announced during WWDC2022, iOS 16 offers a wealth of new features, including the newly redesigned customizable Lock Screen.

During today’s event, Apple did announce that iOS 16 will see a release to the general public Monday, Sept. 12. On this day, users will be able to go under the Settings app in their phone and download the update.

As a refresher, new features in the iOS 16 update include an updated Lock Screen, new features in Messaging and more.

Possibly the coolest new feature arriving to iOS 16 would be the copy and paste feature for photos. Starting with iOS 16, users are able to remove the background from an image, and paste the cutout into messages and more. For those that have been using the public or developer betas, no doubt they’ve had fun toying around with this new feature.

Additionally, new features also include the ability to edit an iMessage 15 minutes after sending, as well as the ability to unsend a message entirely two minutes after sending. Recipients of edited or sent messages will be able to see a record of these changes. The option to unsend a message also arrives for mail.

Additionally, an all-new Home app is also arriving, featuring a new design that makes navigation and organization even easier. Apple is also replacing Passwords with Passkeys, which is an easier sign-on method for users. Of course, other new features and tweaks will be arriving as well.

It is worth noting that both the release candidate for iOS 16 and Apple watchOS 9 are currently available. Those registered as developers with Apple are able to download the release candidates from the Apple Developer Center.

With the iPhone 14 series starting to arrive around Sept. 16, it will be great seeing the new models of iPhone displaying iOS 16 in all of its glory.

What are you looking forward to most in iOS 16? Let us know in the comments.

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