What Does AirPods Pro Spatial Audio Mean for Augmented Reality?

Em Lazer-Walker digs into the AirPods Pro spatial audio feature announced at WWDC 2020. What does it mean for AR?

As Apple improves their indoor location technology, [spatial audio] could also easily become a big part of making indoor wayfinding viable before they ship AR glasses, since the ARKit model of “hold your phone out in front of you while you walk through a space” is both socially and physically awkward.

I can’t wait for spatial audio to arrive. I use an app I’ve mentioned before that uses 3D audio, and I wonder if Naturespace will make use of this technology.

Give Your AirPods Pro Nilfgaardian Armor With Native Union

Native Union just released new cases for AirPods Pro, and one of them looks like Nilfgaardian armor from The Witcher series on Netflix. The US$19.99 Curve Case is textured silicon with a dust-repellent finish. Another one is a US$49.99 Italian leather case available in black, tan, navy, and green. These new cases officially go on sale today, January 22.

Featuring two designs carefully crafted from genuine leather and textured silicone, the new cases ensure hassle free access to AirPods Pro, charging port and controls. Both designs are compatible with wireless chargers and provide a seamless fit, adding unmistakable style to your everyday carry without compromising function.

Twelve South Launches AirPods Pro Case ‘AirSnap Pro’

Available for US$39.99, Twelve South announced pre-orders will begin for its AirPods Pro case called AirSnap Pro. It’s expected to start shipping the week of December 30, 2019. The case is made of leather and comes with a removable clip to attach it to your backpack, purse, or attack keys to it.

Meticulously made of premium top-grain leather, this little leather AirPods cocoon has a metal snap to keep the case closed and your expensive AirPods Pro Wireless Charger safely inside. AirSnap Pro gives you three ways to keep your coveted AirPods Pro within reach. Use the included S-clip to attach AirSnap Pro to a backpack, purse or keychain. Remove the S-clip and carry AirSnap Pro in your pocket. Or, use the included wrist strap to hold your AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case on walks or runs.