Online Voting, the Corporate Public Square, Picard’s Return to Star Trek - ACM 474

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What will it take to make online or app-based voting safe, secure, and reliable? Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet are joined by John Kheit to discuss the future of voting. They also explore the idea of corporate platforms (i.e. private platforms) becoming so big that they become synonymous with the public square and subject to the First Amendment. Then Bryan goes off on a weird tangent about how cool Patrick Stewart’s new episode of Star Trek could be if Jean-Luc Picard was a broken and bitter man. Good times!

Facebook 'Experimenting' with Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Internet Access

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Facebook is “experimenting” with some LEO (low Earth orbit) satellites to connect the huge part of the world that remains without Internet access. After all, there are more than three billion products out there waiting to be sold, and Facebook wants to be the company that taps into all that merchandise those people. Wired did the footwork on this story, tracking down emails between the FCC and a lawyer representing Facebook through subsidiaries, but Facebook owned up to it when directly asked by the magazine. When I said “experimenting,” though, it really is an experiment. Facebook has been looking for ways to get the rest of the world connected for many years. Past experiments have included both a geosynchronous satellite (that blew up) and solar-powered gliders that didn’t work out. A network of up to thousands of LEO satellites, however, could do it.

Facebook ‘Experimenting’ with Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Internet Access