Trump Claims 3 Apple Manufacturing Plants Will Come to U.S.

· Andrew Orr · News

President Trump claims in an interview that three Apple manufacturing plants will be built in the United States. Apple declined to comment, although Foxconn is reportedly considering Wisconsin as a plant location.

Apple Ready to Team with Foxconn for Toshiba Memory Business Bid

· Jeff Gamet · News

Foxconn and TSMC bidding on Toshiba's flash NAND memory division

Apple is reportedly interested in bidding on Toshiba’s NAND flash memory business, and is looking into teaming up with Foxconn to make it happen. Apple is looking to invest several billion dollars in the company for at least a 20% stake that it would share with Foxconn.

First iPhone 8 Schematics Finally Leak, Maybe

· Jeff Gamet · News

Schematic supposedly from a Foxconn factory shows a schematic of the iPhone 8

The first of what claims to be an actual iPhone 8 schematic hit the web on Thursday showing a super-slim bezel for the display, and a Touch ID sensor on the back of the phone. Assuming the rendering is legit, the iPhone 8 will look a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Apple Rumors and Manufacturing, Tim Cook's Pipeline, and $AAPL - ACM 400

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

In this 400th episode of Apple Context Machine, John Kheit joins Bryan Chaffin to discuss rumors of iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple manufacturing, Tim Cook’s claim that Apple cares about pro users and creative pros in particular, the company’s supposed pipeline, and $AAPL’s record high valuation. Oh…and Nickleback.

Sharp Planning OLED Production in Foxconn Factory for iPhone Displays

· Jeff Gamet · News

Samsung and LG are fighting to win OLED screen contracts from Apple

Apple’s next iPhone will reportedly sport an OLED display, and now insider sources are saying Sharp ramping up to be a supplier in a Foxconn factory. Sharp is investing about US$864 million in the production line at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou City facility in northern China to make OLED displays, presumably all for Apple.