Apple Earns Money, Services vs. Hardware, and AT&T's Fake 5G with Ken Ray - ACM 511

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Bryan Chaffin is joined by guest cohost Ken Ray for a spirited look into Apple’s earnings report. The two also weigh the real meaning behind Apple’s outward emphasis on services and what that means for Apple hardware. They cap the show with a rant about AT&T’s fake 5G. Spoiler: AT&T’s claims of a “5G” network are fake.

Tim Cook Surprises WWDC 2019 Scholar

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Tim Cook Millenia Apple Store

Tim Cook visited the Millenia Mall Apple Store in Orlando and surprised Liam Rosenfeld, one of 350 scholars attending WWDC 2019.

SAP and Apple Expand Enterprise Partnership

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SAP Tim Cook

SAP announced an expanded partnership with Apple at its Sapphire conference, which will see enterprise apps for available on iOS and Mac.

Two Saudi Sisters That Fled Their Country Plead With Apple, Google to Remove Tracking App

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A controversial app called Absher made the news in February because it lets men monitor and control their female relatives’ travel. People like Senator Ron Wyden and others asked Apple and Google to remove the app. No action was taken by either company, although Tim Cook said he would “take a look at it.” Now two Saudi sisters who fled the country are reminding us that no, this app still exists.

Maha, 28 and Wafa, 25 fled Saudi Arabia to for Tbilisi, Georgia via Tuckey earlier this month. The pair had to steal their father’s phone and log onto his Absher account and give themselves permission to go to Istanbul…The al-Subaie sisters said they knew of dozens of other young women who were looking to escape abusive families.

Tim Cook On Why You Should Turn Off All Those Push Notifications

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Tim Cook addressed the TIME 100 Summit Tuesday. There, he encouraged people to put down their iPhones. He even said he turned off push notifications from lots of apps, reported Techcrunch.

Today, when users install new apps they often say “No” to push notifications. And with Apple’s new tools to control notifications, users are now actively triaging which apps can get in touch. In fact, that’s what Tim Cook says he did, too. “If you guys aren’t doing this — if you have an iPhone and you’re not doing it, I would encourage you to really do this — monitor these [push notifications],” the CEO suggested to the audience. “What it has done for me personally is I’ve gone in and gutted the number of notifications,” Cook said. “Because I asked myself: ‘Do I really need to be getting thousands of notifications a day?’

Apple Pay Launches in Austria

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Apple Pay Austria

Apple Pay officially launched in Austria, giving customers of Erste Bank and N26 access to the service in the country.

Tim Cook, Luca Maestri Sued For Alleged Securities Fraud

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The City of Roseville employee’s retirement fund is suing Apple over alleged securities fraud. Tim Cook and Luca Maestri are listed as defendants.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Apple was not initially forthcoming about a drop in demand for the iPhone due to poor sales in China and the 2018 battery replacement program, both of which contributed to lower than expected iPhone sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2019.

Leander Kahney’s Tim Cook Biography Out Today

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Leander Kahney’s (Cult of Mac editor) Tim Cook biography is out today. Subtitled “The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level” it tells the story of Mr. Cook’s role as Apple CEO and how he has handled the company after the death of Steve Jobs. It also looks at Mr. Cook’s life before Apple, like when he worked at IBM for 12 years. After that he briefly worked at Compaq, and helped transition the company from in-house manufacturing to creating products overseas with China and Taiwan. He used that expertise when he joined Apple in 1998, where he became a leader at operations and supply chains. I haven’t read the book yet but I look forward to sitting down with it. Mr. Kahney says he didn’t dive into Mr. Cook’s personal life, so it sounds like the book is more about his role at Apple. Apple Books: US$13.99

Leander Kahney’s Tim Cook Biography Out Today

President Trump Calls Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'

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President Trump called Apple’s CEO “Tim Apple” during a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.