Apple Services are Where the Growth is Now

· Andrew Orr · Link

After some rough financial news, Tim Cook is reassuring investors that Apple isn’t done growing by highlighting Apple services.

Step back from the gyrations of the moment, and there’s an emerging strategy for Apple: Sell fewer iPhones and assorted devices such as Macs and iWatches at a higher price than mass-market rivals, and then flood those millions of users–who have more than average disposable income because they were able to afford those devices in the first place–with apps and content that they will pay for.

I expect big improvements in Apple services in the future. Better iCloud storage, an Apple News content subscription (which I will happily pay for if it means no longer needing to visit ad tracking-riddled websites), an Apple video subscription, and more.

Apple Needs to Expand Its Product Grid to Include an Edition Category

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Designers would win by being able to make more focused and less compromised designs; consumers would win with more choices; Apple would win with greater focused products, more revenue, better margins, and better market share.

Apple Cloud Services, Password Management, Apple Leadership, with Peter Cohen - ACM 493

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

Bryan Chaffin is joined by guest-host Peter Cohen to discuss Apple’s cloud services, including the ones they do really well and the ones that suck. They also talk about password management and practices, and look at Apple’s leadership team 8 years after Steve Jobs’s passing.

Where iPhone Components Come From

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Ever wondered where iPhone components come from? Apple sold its 2 billionth iOS device this year. The sheer volume of products the company makes requires an incredibly complex and far-reaching supply chain. CNBC traces what it takes to make an iPhone, from its initial design to the raw materials and components needed to make it a reality. It’s a fascinating look into Apple’s supply chain, which Tim Cook is famous for implementing and improving.

iPhone Saved Shipwrecked Group's Lives

· Charlotte Henry · News

iPhone saved shipwrecked group

An iPhone helped save the lives of a group whose boat capsized in high seas. The device kept working, meaning the friends could call for help.

Apple Building New $1bn Campus in Austin

· Charlotte Henry · News

Apple Building Campus

Apple is building a new 133 acre, $1 billion, campus in Austin, Texas and creating thousands of jobs across the U.S.

Tim Cook Discusses Coming Out with CNN

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Tim Cook with Chrstiane Amanpour

Tim Cook discussed his sexuality, his legacy and Apple’s development of autonomous technology with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

Tim Cook says Tech Regulation 'Inevitable'

· Charlotte Henry · News

Cook on Axios HBO

Tim Cook conducted a major interview in which he said new regulation was “inevitable” and defended Apple’s relationship wtih Google.