Check Out These Colorful X-Ray Wallpapers for Your iPhone

The Basic Apple Guy (via 9To5Mac) created a series of colorful iPhone wallpapers based on the X-ray images from iFixit. These iPhone 13 Pro | Pro Max schematics are a fun way to let you know the details hiding underneath your display. “Ten different designs have been created: Black, Xray, Sunset, Slate, Neon Blue, M1, Card, Blueprint, Rainbow Bloom, & Rainbow . And as a special treat, I’ve also added three additional designs: 3021, R08135, & DF, which celebrate figures in the community I admire. I plan on creating other colour patterns to release over the next few months, with these 11 being the first of many to come.”

iFixit Shares New Teardown Wallpapers for iPhone 13 Pro Models

iFixit has recently shared teardown wallpapers for the iPhone 13 Pro | Pro Max. These wallpapers show the internals of the devices, including the remixed Face ID system, a combo digitizer and display, and a “parts replacement nightmare.” Apple has thoughtfully labeled your processor and the Pro-exclusive L-shaped battery text now has a chic minimalist look.

Check Out These New iPhone Battery Wallpapers

Ben Vessey has released some new iPhone battery wallpapers as part of the Dynamo series. These wallpapers use shortcuts automation to automatically change depending on the state of your battery: Full, Low, and Charging. There are two new packs available: an album pack for music fans based on popular music icons; and a Mac-themed pack inspired by the Apple Macintosh. Each pack includes three sets of wallpapers optimized for the iPhone 6s and later. You install them using iCloud and Shortcuts running on iOS 14, with instructions included in the download.

These Dynamic iOS Wallpapers Change Based on Battery Level

Dynamo wallpapers use automation Shortcuts to change dynamically based on your iPhone’s battery life, and when your phone is charging. Not only does this create a delightful interaction, it also improves visual communication of the charging cycle. Dynamo is available in 2 different packs, each pack contains 3 sets of dynamic wallpapers. Please note: These wallpapers need to be installed and automated using the iOS 14 Shortcuts app. This takes approx 10 minutes to setup. Video and PDF instructions are included in the download.

Wallpapers Inspired by Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Event

Apple announced a new event on November 10 called “One More Thing” and designers have created a couple of iPhone wallpapers for the occasion.

Because the company sent press invitations for the event titled “One more thing” to be held on November 10th last night. The predictions are that we will meet the first ARM-powered MacBook and AirTag at the event.

iFixit Shares iPhone 12/12 Pro Internal Wallpapers

iFixit is back this year to provide iPhone 12 internal wallpapers to let you see what the devices look like beneath the display.

Need a zoom party icebreaker? Take some folk on a phone tour, tell everyone Apple has pressed pause on unique battery shapes. And let us know how that goes because we’re running out of Kahoot topics…

Artpaper Gives You Art Wallpapers on Your iOS Devices

Back in May I wrote about an app called Artpaper for macOS. It gives you over a thousand 5K art wallpapers on your Mac, from different museums and galleries around the world. Today, Artpaper is now available for iOS devices, too.

All wallpapers available in the app are the works from some top-tier galleries and museums all over the world. Featuring Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Fuji Tokyo, Uffizi, Art Institute Chicago, East Side Gallery Berlin, Fide, Amon Carter Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin, and many more.

You can follow the link below to find the Mac app, and click the link here for the iOS app.

Here's a Wallpaper Generator Shortcut For Those Apple Logos

Redditor u/wexford001 made a neat wallpaper generator shortcut. It uses the Apple logos (all 370 of them) that Apple created for tomorrow’s event. Every time you tap the shortcut it generates a random image based on your device. There are both white and black versions, in case you have an iPhone with an OLED screen.

All the code to actually get the image from imgur was the work of u/hinapupina in his “imgur downloader” shortcut. I modified it a bit, but i don’t understand it well enough to have done this on my own. Thanks!

You can download the shortcut for white wallpapers here, and the black version here.

Here's Where to Get Every Default macOS Desktop Wallpaper in 5K

The default Desktop image, or wallpaper, has changed with every macOS major update. Mac OS X 10, as it was known back in the day, included a blue Desktop background with sweeping arcs. in 10.5 that became an aurora space cloud sort of thing, and in macOS 10.10 we started seeing mountains. All of those images are cool, and now you can use them as your desktop wallpaper in 5K resolution thanks to Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels. He has all of Apple’s default Mac desktop pictures at high resolution ready to download and they all look great. Even if you’re happy with the desktop wallpaper you’re already using it’s cool to see these all together.