Which Media Converter Box should I buy?

  • Posted: 31 March 2002 10:26 AM

    I’m looking for a good prosumer media converter box and I really have my sites set on the Formac Studio. The Formac has the ability to tune in radio and television signals and convert them. This has many upsides for me BUT…I’ve heard that because it’s tuning in signals it can mess with normal digitizing (through an S-video cable or RCA). Does anyone know about this? Also we have a Sony media converter box at my work and it does fine (no radio tuning though) but are these discontinued? Any suggestions or comments out there?


  • Posted: 08 March 2002 04:54 PM #1

    I was going to get a Formac, and spent a couple of months asking anyone that I could find.  Didn’t hear a single bad word about the unit!!
    On the other hand, for me I found that it might be a little over kill since I was mostly wanting to go from VHS to DVD, and didn’t need the tuner.  The Dazzle is working great for a rookie like me and was a couple of hundred dollars cheape.

    However if I had needed the tuner, I would have gone with the Formac.  Know it isn’t much help, and there are a few guys/gals up here who know far more than I do about this subject!

    Good Luck and have fun

  • Posted: 31 March 2002 10:26 AM #2

    Many DVcamcorders have built-in pass through recording. For the price you spend on a converter box or card, you may want to consider one of these. I’d love to have a second DVcamcorder sometimes. Just a thought. Not entirely sure of your application, but it’s worth mentioning.




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