Favorite New York Taxi Ride Story

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    Posted: 23 July 2001 02:21 AM

    I can NOT tell you how much I love New York.  Planning on moving here ASAP, but that’s another thread I think.

    Anyway, so I am riding in a cab last week (I think it was Wednesday evening, but it could have been Tuesday).  There were four of us in the cab, and I was in the front with the driver.  This guy was sheening along at break-neck speeds and must have been using the Force, so skillful were his moves. Every cut, every lane change, every acceleration, deceleration, and inch-wide clearance from the nearest car was just perfect. I have been on about 30 or so NY taxi rides, and this was the single most exhilarating ride outside of a theme park I have been on.  It truly served to remind me of just how much and why I love this city.

    How about you?


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