Is it time to buy AAPL stock?

  • Posted: 19 October 2001 08:56 PM #16

    Time to buy some stock before Oct 23


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  • Posted: 20 October 2001 11:28 AM #17

    I bought on the afternoon of Oct. 17.  I’m looking forward to Monday and Tuesday.

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    Posted: 20 October 2001 04:04 PM #18

    Be careful playing this one…

    I am starting a new thread on the long-term impact of the Tuesday Device.


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  • Posted: 06 January 2002 12:03 AM #19

    I’m not a securities pro, but I do think Apple is poised for a gradual and continuing upward movement in the stock price.

    Today (1/6/02) I’m looking for strong interest in the stock to continue well into next week and if the keynote on Monday goes over well wth Wall Street, I could see more brokerage firms initiating coverage on the company and a few of the anlysts who currently rate the company as a “hold” to announce upgrades on their ratings.

    Remember, too, that 1st fiscal quarter results are due out mid-month. Anecdotal evidence indicates to me that there should be a modest earnings surprise. Please do your own research. Personally, I like what I see.

  • Posted: 31 January 2002 01:08 PM #20

    At today’s closing price of $24.72 (1/31) and volume of almost 8.3 million shares, it appears that many investors are deciding it is indeed time to buy Apple stock

  • Posted: 02 February 2002 07:35 AM #21

    I’m glad, too.

    I took my own advice last year and bout AAPL at $18. It’s at $24, so I feel good. I bought AAPL in 1997 and sold it a year or so later my value tripled (too bad I didn’t wait for it to reach $100.

    Anyway, I’m letting it sit there for the long haul this go around.


    “Free yo mind & yo ass will follow…”George Clinton
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  • Posted: 02 February 2002 02:28 PM #22

    Based on my own experience, anytime you have even a bit of a hunch that it’s a good time to buy Apple stock, it probably is.  Hell, I *knew* it was a good time to buy when it was $13 a few years ago.  I didn’t have any money.  Should’ve borrowed some it was that good a time.