Will Apple Reach Its Goal for iMac Shipments This Quarter?

Poll: Will Apple Reach Its Goal for iMac Shipments This Quarter?
Total Votes: 21
Reach the Goal? How about blowing past it? It’s a sensational product!
Yep! Apple should be right on target despite the early production problems.
Close but "no cigar." The economy is soft and the eMac might eat into sales.
Forget it! The iMac is priced too high and the design is too radical for a lot of people.
I don’t know. I’ll wait to see what Apple reports in July.
  • Posted: 10 June 2002 07:56 PM

    Will Apple reach its LCD iMac shipment goal of 265,000 units for the June quarter? We’ve heard from the experts and analysts . What do you think? Please take part in our first Apple Finance Board poll!

  • Posted: 17 June 2002 06:03 PM #1

    The earnings warning season has begun. If Apple expects a significant shortfall in iMac shipments an announcement should be made in the next few days.

  • Posted: 20 June 2002 10:35 PM #2

    Please see the TMO coverage of Apple’s revenue and earnings warning .

  • Posted: 26 June 2002 09:42 AM #3

    Today’s story on CNet, picked up by TMO, just emphasizes the fact that inventories are larger than they should be for iMacs.

    There may be some sad faces at MWNY, although it proceeds the announcement of quarterly earnings.

    But no sad face will be seen on Steve Jobs.  He’ll lie through his teeth like always.  :D

  • Posted: 26 June 2002 10:52 AM #4

    I think the eMac will eat a few sales, that right now we are in pre-Macworld slump (people wait to see what is new) and that Apple may not ship quite as many as they had hoped.  That said, I don’t necessarily think today’s articles based solely on Ingram’s sales and inventory are predictive.  Ingram is not the major channel it once was for Apple.  A lot of sales are direct online, direct at Apple’s own stores, direct via the large catalog/online places, etc.  None of those folks would be buying through Ingram as I understand it; they would be big enough to buy direct.

    Oh, and I think we could see a couple hundred price cut at Macworld or possibly a performance tweak if the PowerMac’s speed is increased enough.  Either way, the price of the existing inventory should go down.