Leopard Impressions…

  • Posted: 27 October 2007 03:33 PM #31

    Developers didn’t get the GM release we all have now receivede. Apple is seeding them the final Leopard, so if there are any apps (commercial, shareware, freeware) that need updating to work correctly in the new environment, those problems will soon be worked out. Then Apple will start working on 10.5.1, adding back some of the features they dropped at the last moment (notably the ability for Time Machine to work over wireless networks, and the new Dashboard creations synced to the iPhone).

  • Posted: 27 October 2007 04:29 PM #32

    I am noticing a significantly stronger wifi signal on my macbook pro.  I get full bars all throughout the apartment whereas in Tiger I would usually only get 3 bars.  Safari is amazingly faster, like 5x faster than it used to be in rendering pages.

  • Posted: 27 October 2007 04:39 PM #33

    I just noticed another “secret” feature. When you download a graphic from the web, the Finder now creates a preview icon for it. In Tiger I was using CocoThumbx to do this, since I prefer opening a folder of images and seeing a “contact sheet” view. But when I started using CoverFlow to look at previously downloaded/CocoThumbx images, I realized that the preview images were being used, enlarged into slightly blurry images.

    But if I look at a folder of Tiger downloaded images that I’d added no preview icon too, the Finder would render them crisply. Then after downloading some photos while running Leopard, I discovered the best of both worlds: crisp CoverFlow images and thumbnail previews automatically!

    EDIT: if you download an image to the desktop, yu don’t get the preview icon. But when you move the file into a folder, the preview magically appears.

  • Posted: 27 October 2007 04:54 PM #34

    By the way, there is already a Leopard update if you run Software Update — a Login & Keychain fix. Nothing major,:

    The Login & Keychain Update 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is recommended for all Leopard installations. It addresses issues you may encounter when:
      * Logging in with an account originally created in Mac OS X 10.1 or earlier that has a password of 8 or more characters.
      * Connecting to some 802.11b/g wireless networks.
      * Changing the password of a FileVault-protected account.

  • Posted: 27 October 2007 05:21 PM #35

    just received this email from Unsanity

    We wanted to send out some information to our mailing list subscribers about Mac OS X 10.5 and Unsanity’s Application Enhancer.

    First and formost. *Before* you install Mac OS X 10.5, make sure you have Application Enhancer (APE) 2.0.3 or later installed. You can download it from http://www.unsanity.net/ape-203.dmg (the webpage is at http://unsanity.com/haxies/ape ).

    Make *sure* you have APE 2.0.3 or later installed *before* you install Mac OS X 10.5. If you have an earlier version of APE installed before you install 10.5, you may exhibit one of the following symptoms upon booting into Mac OS X 10.5:

    - Your goldfish may die.
    - A strange dog might bite you on the street.
    - A friend may punch you.
    - Your computer may catch fire.
    - Your loved one may leave you.

    All of these things are really bad. So we urge everyone to make sure they have APE 2.0.3 or later installed. If you aren’t sure, install APE 2.0.3 or later from the link above. APE 2.0.3 was released on March 14th, 2007. And please, always keep your software up to date.

    A note about 10.5 and haxies:

    As long as you have APE 2.0.3, nothing bad will happen in 10.5. Well, nothing we can control. However, none of your APE Modules will work either.

    Developers in Apple’s Mac OS X developer program (ADC) got the final 10.5 GM yesterday. We are still downloading the huge 6.66GB image and as soon as the downloads finish for our developers, we will be hard at work on making our software work on 10.5.

    You can keep up to date with the status of haxies and 10.5 by viewing http://unsanity.com/products/compatibility/ and we will post more information as we have it on our blog at http://unsanity.org/ . Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility is currently our number one priority.

    “If APE doesn’t work in 10.5, shouldn’t I just uninstall it?”

    No, you should not. Just make sure you have APE 2.0.3 or later. A lot of third party (and Unsanity made) utilities depend on the APE framework itself being there. As it has some extremely useful functions. Removing it may cause these Applications and/or preference panes to stop launching.

    For more information on Unsanity haxies, please visit:


    Unsanity LLC is the creator of other popular haxies such as WindowShade X, ShapeShifter, FontCard, Mighty Mouse, Menu Master, FruitMenu, Xounds, Dock Detox, and Silk.  Unsanity is dedicated to providing quality software for the Macintosh community.

    -Rosyna of the Unsanity Team
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  • Posted: 27 October 2007 05:39 PM #36

    So far no Unsanity haxies work with Leopard.

    Chart  here .

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    Posted: 27 October 2007 06:30 PM #37

    [quote author=“Constable Odo”]The main problem is how to get Macs into the corporations.  In large corporations, the IT guys are gonna hate the idea that a lot of their jobs are going to be on the line if the Macs don’t require their services as much. I don’t know how corporate purchases take place.

    I’ve done some tech purchasing for the US Military, and the strings are very tight and convoluted at the same time. There’s a standard software image that gets loaded, which has been penetration tested and is subject to all kinds of information protection compliance stuff in addition to removing features that ‘they’ don’t think are vital, like HTML emails, text chat, and DVD playback support. Then there’s the hardware, which is part of a larger multi-thousand unit contract, typically given to the lowest bidder. Apple will not be the lowest bidder because their Performance-for-Price advantage is over the lifecycle of the product. The US Government procurement cycle does not allow for more than one year’s investment. Any capital improvement over (I think) $200,000 needs a five year lead time - a lot can happen in the tech world in 5 years!  Until Uncle Sam changes the procurement rules to encourage life-cycle planning, Apple’s hardware won’t compete.

    As far as the tech guys, I’d repurpose their efforts from mundane things like “please turn off this Adobe PDF button in Outlook” and “I can’t run my elearning because you’ve disabled Flash”. I’d put them to work building exceptional tutorials, job aids, newsletters, blogs, podcasts - all the geeky creative stuff that adds value to an organization but nobody has time for. And that makes creative geeks happy. It’s only those without talent that need fear for their IT jobs in an Apple world.


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    Posted: 27 October 2007 08:19 PM #38

    Just got done reading the intall thread at Appleinsider and it seems to have gone pretty well for most users (I expected worse since many of them love to install crap that the average use wouldn’t). Of course APE is a problem and it seems that there may be some folks out there with less than perfect HDs that are having issues. All in all, not too bad for a .0 release.

    Probably going to get a new laptop next week, having been chugging away on a G4 desktop for a long time so really looking forward to it and upgrading to CS3 apps.


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    Posted: 27 October 2007 08:22 PM #39

    First Leopard update:

    Login and Keychain has been updated…

    details can be found here .



  • Posted: 27 October 2007 09:44 PM #40

    [quote author=“Derrick”]Leopard is now up and running for me ... although things are not quite perfect.

    - I have been able to copy my iTunes library back to an internal drive ... however, when I try to play a song from iTunes, a BSOD appears and now the drive will not mount ... these are new drives ... however, they have worked perfectly under Tiger for the past couple weeks.

    - Since I had to wipe everything ... trying to sync my Contacts and Bookmarks from .mac does not seem to work ... when resetting the sync ... it says it is done ... but there are no changes to my machine.

    So I now have a very basic system ... with no iTunes .... I am not a happy camper :(

    OK ... life is starting to return to normal smile

    I have successfully brought my iTunes library back to life ... I will purchase iLife 08 tomorrow in order to put back my photos.

    In looking at the issues I encountered, my best guess is that they were related to a couple items:

    1) a previous hack to install Front Row on my G5
    2) possible interaction with SATA card installed a couple weeks ago to add more hard drives to my tower ... I ended up pulling the 2 internal drives I just added and put them into a Drobo external storage array I purchased a couple days ago ... was able to copy the iTunes library back to these same drives with no problems ... not sure why they had issues when they were installed internally .... but I’m not about to sweat the details now that it seems to be working.

    Thankfully, I was diligent about backing up the important stuff before I did the install.  Since my iTunes library is now on an external array (Drobo) ... I think I am going to purchase another one for additional backup purposes.


    Now that most of the trauma is over ... I can actually go see what Leopard is all about.

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    Posted: 27 October 2007 10:57 PM #41

    Sure we don’t need Stacks. 8-)




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    Posted: 28 October 2007 12:46 AM #42

    EDIT: if you download an image to the desktop, yu don’t get the preview icon. But when you move the file into a folder, the preview magically appears.

    Preview icons in finder can be selected in Finder -> Show view Options

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    Posted: 28 October 2007 06:30 AM #43

    [quote author=“Tommo_UK”][quote author=“Intrepid”][quote author=“climbforever”]..oh thanks T for that info. I will grab the new LCC driver right away.

    And I agree with you, Logitech has marvelous hardware and absolutely disgracefull software :evil:

    After lots of trouble with LCC for my logitech mouse, I switched to Steermouse, which works just fine.

    I’d ever heard of Steermouse - thanks for the heads-up; trying it now! Finally I can get rid of APE :eg:

    Has anyone had any experiences with ControllerMate from OrderedBytes ? It looks like it could easily cope with my Logitech Elite keyboard and TrackMan trackball. It needs a spot of programming to get stuff working, but looks like it is a veritable Swiss Army knife for handling USB peripherals.


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  • Posted: 28 October 2007 08:33 AM #44

    my copy arrived on Friday… i installed (upgraded) it ... everything went fine…

    was looking fwd to Time Machine, but i will wait for Apple to sort out the AirPort Express Disk support first…

    apart from that have been spending more time than i imagined… getting GMail IMAP support working on my iPhone and on Apple Mail….  Its finally sorted… but not as seamless an experience as i would have expected…

    All in all nice… lots of eye candy… its faster…

    But life moves on… smile

  • Posted: 28 October 2007 09:18 AM #45

    [quote author=“singularity99”]
    was looking fwd to Time Machine, but i will wait for Apple to sort out the AirPort Express Disk support first…

    Given that Time Machine is constantly backing up in the background, I would think that doing so over your Air Port network (when possible) would severely slow down that network. Can anybody who was using the Leopard betas, where Time Machine could back up to a wireless network drive, comment?