Nokia to enter netbook market?

  • Posted: 26 February 2009 01:01 AM

    Nokia rumored to be interested in getting into the laptop business, probably with netbooks.

    Nokia’s strengths in my view are its worldwide market share in the phone business and its relationships with carriers.  It makes some sense to me that they might leverage the latter with a notebook line marketed through some carriers.  But what OS would they run?  Surely not Windows?  Are they going to have a different OS for phones and netbooks?  That would be ugly.

    Does this speculation not highlight the wonderful position that Apple enjoys?  We have the best OS, the best music store, the best app store (even though it is nothing to brag about), the best smart phone, among the best high-end laptops, and the best retail stores. 

    Microsoft, Nokia, Google, Sony, Palm, Amazon, even LG and Samsung have strengths in the coming battle for handheld platform supremacy.  But none have as much going for it as Apple.

  • Posted: 26 February 2009 02:00 PM #1

    Arguably they’ve been more or less in the netbook market longer than anyone; their current offering is the N810.

  • Posted: 27 February 2009 12:43 PM #2

    Second time around for Nokia if they do.

    They were in the computer business in the ‘80s with a brand called MikroMikko.  They even had a laptop.  They wised up then and divested their computer business, and eventually their paper business, TV and DVD player business, Satellite dish business, power generation business, tire business, car speaker business, monitor business, rubber boot business, private mobile network business, transmission systems business, internet communications business on and on and on it goes.

    They are kicking around the Netbook business.  If they stupidly decide to go into it, it will run on Linux.  They will get it wrong.  And they keep making mistakes, after a fantastic run of great decisions, disruptive business moves and innovation second to none on the planet.

    Their ‘comes with music’ boondoggle will fail, their apps store will fail, their smartphone business will be besieged by Apple, Symbian will rot on the vine.  They won’t even recognize what is happening before its too late.

    And that’s a shame.  They will bury themselves with their version of the holy grail ... called ‘process’.