Thoughts on the iOS 5 announcement?

  • Posted: 07 June 2011 12:17 PM

    Personally I am very excited about iOS 5.

    I think the “PC free” ability will be huge for people who want their iPad, iPod or iPhone to be their only computing device. I can already think of a couple “grandparent” types who are likely to receive an iPad as a gift now that this is possible.

    Location-based notifications were something I was excited for ever since they first added GPS to the iPhone.

    With iMessage and FaceTime now we’re reaching a point where one might be able to start using an iPod or iPad as a phone without having cell service at all.

    New Safari features will make mobile browsing just that much better.

    What are your favorite new features? Are you excited for this announcement or were you hoping for something that they left out? What your thoughts.

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