System drive backup without the media folders?

  • Posted: 10 February 2012 02:14 PM

    Dear all,

    I currently use Super Duper to make a backup of my system drive and time machine as an extra backup.

    However, now my large media folders (iTunes media & iPhoto library) are so large that I don’t have room on my Super Duper backup drive to make a clone.

    Is there a way to make a clone of just the system whilst excluding those large folders so that I can easily revert to it as an emergency backup?

    I realize that the way to go is to probably move these large folders to an external drive but I’m trying to avoid having tons of extra drives (I want a server already!)

    Any suggestions?



  • Posted: 16 May 2012 05:10 AM #1

    1) If you don’t mind adding another external hard disk drive to your system, you can clone all your data to it.

    2) You can use iCloud for storing and sharing your data. As iCloud is an online backup which stores your data no matter how large it is. But you have to pay for it read more on

    3) You can also separate your system data with the media file. Use another volume to store your large media files and clone only the volume which holds the system files.

    4) To do so you can use Stellar Drive Clone utility which also gives you option to create minimal system. This feature will copy all the system files from your installed Mac to another volume. The result of the copy is a minimal system with Apple?s default applications and an empty user?s folder containing default folders, preferences etc. This minimal system helps you to access your Mac in case the OS crashes or fails to boot.

  • Posted: 16 May 2012 09:08 AM #2

    Hi there Tom_Mac

    I really appreciate your reply and suggestions. Stellar Drive Clone sounds like a very useful utility. I think that may be the way to go for me!

    Best regards,