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Apple Files Countersuit Against Qualcomm For Patent Violation

The patents let iPhones use only the minimum power needed to work, and causes parts of the processor to turn off when they aren’t being used.

Apple's Patent Struggles and The Untold History of Multitouch

In 1983 a group of musically-inclined computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University invented multitouch… and changed the computing world forever.

Judge Koh Grants Samsung New Damages Trial in Apple iPhone Patent Infringement Trial

Presiding  Judge Lucy Koh ruled over the weekend that instructions given to the jury in the original trial “did not accurately reflect the law.”

Apple Patent Shows an iPhone Disco Light Syncing to Music

This is a continuation of patents that date back to 2004, as suggested by an illustration of an iPod Classic in the patent filing.

Supreme Court Just Killed Marshall Texas Patent Troll Business

A patent battle over flavored water may turn into a win for iPhone and Mac maker Apple, and a big loss for patent trolls. Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Monday, patent infringement cases must be filed in the jurisdiction where the offending company is incorporated, which will greatly limit the court choices open to patent trolls.

An Apple Pencil Patent Shows How it Could Work on Metal Surfaces

“In some examples, an acoustic touch sensing system can be configured to be insensitive to contact on the device surface by water…”

Apple Facing ITC Patent Infringement Investigation Over Aqua Connect Complaint

The U.S. International Trade Commission is investigating Apple over patent infringement allegations stemming from a complaint submitted by Aqua Connect and subsidiary Strategic Technology Partners.

New Patent Could Give Macs a Minority Report Interface

A just granted Apple patent could hint at a gesture-based interface for future Macs, much like the system Tom Cruise used in Minority Report.

Apple Gets Another Ally in its Qualcomm Patent Royalty Fight

The Computer & Communications Industry Association—which includes companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook—has thrown in with Apple in mobile device patent royalty fight with Qualcomm.

RSA Sues Apple Claiming Apple Pay Patent Infringement

RSA filed a lawsuit against Apple and Visa over the weekend claiming the iPhone maker’s Apple Pay feature infringes on patents it owns. The company says it holds 13 patents covering Apple Pay technology, and hasn’t been able to get Apple or Visa to pay for licensing.