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Apple and Samsung Settle 7-Year Patent Battle, Terms Not Known

After seven years, numerous appeals, and multiple courts that found Samsung to be a blatant copycat, the two companies have put an end to their fight. Terms of the deal are not known.

Apple Granted a Smart Clothing Patent Today

Apple was granted 40 patents today, which cover stretchable displays, smart clothing, gaze controls, and a whole lot more.

Patent Holding Company SMTM Sues Apple Over Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature

SMTM Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing the iPhone maker of infringing on its patent with iOS 11’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature.

Found: Sony Patent For Contact Lens That Can Record Video

This is from 2016, but I just found it. It’s an article at Futurism about a Sony patent for a contact lens than can record video. Think Google Glass, but imperceptible to strangers. Unless the stranger is a Terminator.  I don’t recall seeing anything about this since, and, of course, a patent is always easier than profitable mass production. But it does suggest enormous possibilities. I’ll keep an eye on this technology.

An Apple Patent Hints at an Apple TV Gaming System

It’s not clear if it’s a separate console (probably not though) or just video game accessories or a platform.

Supreme Court Just Killed Marshall Texas Patent Troll Business

A patent battle over flavored water may turn into a win for iPhone and Mac maker Apple, and a big loss for patent trolls. Thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Monday, patent infringement cases must be filed in the jurisdiction where the offending company is incorporated, which will greatly limit the court choices open to patent trolls.

Apple's Patent Struggles and The Untold History of Multitouch

In 1983 a group of musically-inclined computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University invented multitouch… and changed the computing world forever.

An Apple Pencil Patent Shows How it Could Work on Metal Surfaces

“In some examples, an acoustic touch sensing system can be configured to be insensitive to contact on the device surface by water…”

Apple Patent Shows an iPhone Disco Light Syncing to Music

This is a continuation of patents that date back to 2004, as suggested by an illustration of an iPod Classic in the patent filing.

Apple Applies for a Patent on a Sealed Lightning Connector Tip

Apple had applied for a patent on a rather nifty idea: a Lightning connector with a tip that expands to form a liquid-tight seal. Patently Apple, which first spotted the patent application, has all the details, but the short version is that the male Lightning tip would be able to expand once plugged in, with the result being a liquid-tight seal. That has practical uses as protections from seals, but it could also be a key feature for underwater filming and other uses. This is an application, not yet a granted patent, but it’s the kind of invention I could see making it into the wild as a shipping product,