A Further Look at the New Features Arriving with Apple Music in iOS 16


With the news that iOS 16 is looking ready for a public release, there’s a lot in store with the new OS update. However, one area that has been somewhat overlooked is the new features arriving to Apple Music in iOS 16.

Today, let’s take a look at the changes arriving to Apple Music.

Taking a Look at What’s New with Apple Music in iOS 16

As previously mentioned, one new feature arriving for Apple Music in iOS 16 is the ability for users to sort playlists. In the past, the Music app typically sorts songs in the order they were added to the playlist.

Now, the new sort playlist feature allows users to sort playlists by Title, Artist, Album and more. Additionally, when users open a singer/band profile, they will see a new Favorites toggle that will allow them to receive notifications and recommendations based around these artists.

A new feature in Apple Music for iOS 16 allows users to “Favorite” artists they enjoy. (Photo Credit: José Adorno.)

Other new features for Apple Music on iOS 16 also include:

  • The Volume HUD now features a tweak so that it looks similar to the length of the song.
  • An aesthetic change sees album covers are more rounded while searching for music.
  • The Apple Music widget on the iOS 16 Lock Screen is different. It will also show users what device they are listening to (such as a HomePod/Air Pods/Etc).
  • SharePlay in Messages now synchronizes activities such as movies, music, workouts, games and more while chatting with friends in Messages.
  • The Apple Digital Master label is now closer to the song information. Dolby Atmos and Lossless quality now appear closer to the cover.
  • Adding songs to a queue can now be done through drag and drop.
  • Users can move music from a HomePod to another without it AirPlaying to the other HomePod.

Additionally, one new feature sure to get many excited will be the Personalized Spatial Audio. Personalized Spatial Audio is available to AidPods 3, AirPods Pro and AidPods Max users running iOS 16. Implementing the TrueDepth sensor on your iPhone, our very own Jeff Butts can show you how to set up your personalized Spatial Audio.

Personalized Spatial Audio delivers a new experience for listeners, and Apple is looking forward to users giving it a try.

When to Expect iOS 16

The new music preview on the iOS 16 Lock Screen looks great.

Last up, the iOS 16 beta 3 also saw Apple adding a new podcast and music preview to the Lock Screen. It also works with third-party apps. This may be the coolest feature to arrive to iOS for Music, even if some developers are making some small suggestions.

Of course, if you need any Apple Music recommendations, we can offer plenty of suggestions. It is highly likely that iOS 16 will see a public release this coming September.

Are you looking forward to the Apple Music changes in iOS 16? What are you listening to right now? Let us know in the comments.

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