CES - Wemo Bridge Makes All Your Wemo Gear HomeKit Compatible

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Wemo introduced their HomeKit compatible Wemo Bridge at CES, and showed it off to Jeff Gamet. It lets you add all your Wemo devices to a HomeKit network without replacing any gear. Check out our video interview.

Powerful Forces Ready to Fight For Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality graffiti on a brick wall

Powerful forces are lining up to fight the undermining of Net Neutrality. Particle Debris page #2 points to major articles that bring us up to date.

CES - Who Invited the Aflac Duck to CES?

· John F. Braun · Product News

John F. Braun meets with the Aflac team, and learns how they are working with a technology partner to battle childhood cancer.

TMO Background Mode Special Edition #3 With Former Apple Executive Michael Gartenberg

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Michael Gartenberg

Michael Gartenberg spent three years as Apple’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, reporting directly to Senior VP Phil Schiller. In this very special edition, Michael and I chat about what we think Apple will ship in 2018. We go from certain, HomePod, to very speculative, a new Mac mini, and everything in between. iPhone 11? iPhone 9? Coffee Lake MacBook Pros? At the end of the show we also offer up some fantasies about what we’d personally like Apple to do.

CES - Kuri is the Cutest Smart Home Robot Around

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Kuri is an amazingly sophisticated and cute smart home robot that’s ready to roll into your house. Mayfield Robotics shows off their cool personal robot to Jeff Gamet at CES 2018.

CES - Schlage Smart Locks with HomeKit and Alexa Support

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Schlage showed off their smart deadbolt locks at CES 2018 with HomeKit and Alexa support to Jeff Gamet. Coming soon: Google Home support. Check out TMO’s video interview.

CES - Reliefband 2.0 Uses Acupressure and TENS to Prevent Nausea for 24 Hours

· Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Reliefband Sunday released Reliefband 2.0, their updated wrist-worn nausea-prevention device. Showed last year at CES under the “Reliefband Neurowave” name, it’s now been retooled and is ready for purchase this week as Reliefband 2.0. This adds a stunning new form factor and includes hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel contacts, wrapped in a latex-free band with a battery that lasts for 24-26 hours of constant nausea relief. Reliefband targets a nausea-reducing acupressure point on the underside of your wrist, and combines this with TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to trigger both the median and vagal nerves, resulting in nearly immediate, drug-free relief of nausea in most users. Users (or at least this user!) will experience tingling electrical impulses, the strength of which can be controlled on the band itself. Reliefband 2.0 looks like a fitness tracker and is targeted at anyone with nausea, including cancer patients, cruise-ship passengers, post-op care, and others. Reliefband 2.0 was released Sunday and will be available for purchase for US$175 this week.

CES – Reliefband 2.0 Uses Acupressure and TENS to Prevent Nausea for 24 Hours

CES - Guardian Automatically Shuts off Your Water System to Prevent Leaks

· Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Homeowners (and probably insurance carriers!) can rejoice at the Guardian automated leak prevention system, shipping today. The system is entirely do-it-yourself and requires no plumbing to be done at all. Simply clamp the main unit onto the pipe where your water main control valve is, and then set the Wi-Fi-connected sensors in strategic locations around the house. When one of the sensors detects a leak, the system’s automated motor closes the valve to prevent water damage from a constantly-fed open pipe. Each sensor has a 15-year battery inside it. We think that’s long enough to get your money out of the system and move on to something else cool in 10 years! Guardian also includes a temperature sensor to help prevent against water damage from frozen pipes. At 45F the system starts sending alerts to your iPhone; at 40F it shuts off your water. The iOS app can also be used to control and monitor the system remotely. A kit with the battery-backed base unit and three Wi-Fi sensors is priced at US$399, and you can add more sensors whenever you like.

Microsoft Suspends Bitcoin Payments

· Bryan Chaffin · News

Concept image of Bitcoins, related to Kin cryptocurrency

Microsoft support called the move temporary, a response to high transaction fees and volatility in Bitcoin’s price.