The Steve Jobs Theater, iTunes Rant, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3 – ACM 428

Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theater had its debut, and Bryan and Jeff talk about some of the amazing things we saw. They also spew some vitriol all over Apple’s decision to pull the App Store from iTunes, and discuss their favorite aspects of Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone X.

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2 thoughts on “The Steve Jobs Theater, iTunes Rant, iPhone X, and Apple Watch Series 3 – ACM 428

  • i hate to have to do this to Kelly because every time she giggles I feel like I just cheated on my wife, but damn! That iTunes rant was just wrong!

    1) iTunes restore hasn’t loaded applications the last three times I did it.
    2) Just because it downloads the applications doesn’t mean it will not store the locations.
    3) Where the hell are you going to be restoring an iPhone where you have your laptop and don’t have internet?
    4) Apple maintains old copies of Applications on it’s servers to allow you to download them.

    So how I see it, Apple just saved me 14GB of storage on my hard drive.

    1. Hi Doug

      You are missing a couple of big points. There is no way to browse or discover apps or buy apps on your Mac anymore. Also you can’t write a review of an app on your Mac. This move is going to really hurt developers and anyone that is in the App review or promotion business. No more affiliate commissions from the Mac also so sites like Touch Arcade and App Advice are going to be hurt. Its a mess when you click on a link to an app from your Mac right now. A complete round trip from Safari to ITunes and back to Safari.

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