Do AirTags Interfere With Planes?

· Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun · Video Tip

Ever wonder why you can’t use your phone on a plane, and if AirTags in your luggage could have the same effect? Watch this segment from Mac Geek Gab 888 to find out the answer.

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Apple Releases Another AirTags FirmWare Update

· Charlotte Henry · Link

Two AirTags

For the third time in recent days, Apple released new AirTags firmware on Tuesday. AppleInisder reported that the software mainly contains bug fixes. It is automatically installed over the air.

It is unknown what the new firmware with version 1.0.291 (A1291e) brings, and Apple has released no documentation to support the revision. However, the update is expected to bring bug fixes and general improvements to the product. The past firmware was upgraded to the same version number but with a different build number — 1.0.291 (1A291c). The last firmware was released just five days after the previous one debuted.

Apple’s AirTags Find Lost Items

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac says Apple’s AirTags are the best tracker for lost items to date but finds Apple’s accessories way overpriced.

Apple Releases AirTags Firmware Update

· Charlotte Henry · Link

Two AirTags

Apple has released an update to AirTags firmware – moving from internal build number 1A291c to 1A291a. As MacRumors noted, the release comes just a week after the previous iteration was released.

We don’t know what’s included in the new firmware and no new features were found following the first release, so it likely focuses on bug fixes and other under-the-hood improvements. There is no way to force an AirTag update, as it’s something that’s done over-the-air through a connected iPhone. To make sure the update happens, you can put your AirTag in range of your ‌‌‌iPhone‌‌‌, but you have to wait for the firmware to roll out to your device.

Not That Kind of Dog Track — Mac Geek Gab 886

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Tips about Siri, RAM, AirTags, and Keyboards are just the first few things you’ll get here in this week’s episode. Then Dave and John continue the journey by answering your questions about Mail, Wi-Fi, VPNs, Synology, and more. Press play to enjoy learning at least five new things with your two favorite geeks!

DIY Automation, CarPlay, RAID, and More! — Mac Geek Gab 882

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Sometimes the easy way isn’t the fun way, and this week we’ve got lots of do-it-yourself solutions to share from all of you. Listen as John and Dave share your ideas about automation, launch agents, CarPlay, drive arrays and much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be MGG without your two favorite geeks sharing Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and their answers to all your other questions, would it? Listen, learn five new things, and don’t get caught!

Long-Rumored AirTag Launches for $29 Each

· Andrew Orr · Product News


AirTags have been rumored for roughly two years and on Tuesday Apple finally announced them. They will work with the Find My app.

Rumors Claim Apple to Hold March 16 Event

· Andrew Orr · Rumor

apple march 2021 event rumor

Korea’s Economic Daily News cites two leakers who claim Apple plans to hold a March 16 event this year for an iPad Pro, iPad mini, and AirTags.

Tile Partners With Intel to Track Laptops

· Andrew Orr · Link

Logo of tile

Tile is partnering with Intel to bring its location tracking technology directly to laptops. These devices will be available later in 2020.

The Intel tie-up builds on Tile’s existing partnerships with Bluetooth chipmakers such as Qualcomm, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, and Toshiba — allowing manufacturers to develop devices that work with Tile’s tracking smarts out of the box.

Tile has been working hard to expand its business from just the physical tiles it sells to consumers. I haven’t heard a whisper of Apple’s competing product AirTags for roughly a month, but Tile scrambling to get partners makes me think AirTags are still coming (and we probably won’t see them until the iPhone 12 launch).

Leaks Claim AirTags Will Have Speakers, Activation Lock, Work With Non-U1 Devices

· Andrew Orr · Link

Concept image of airtags

A report today claims that Apple’s rumored AirTags product will have speakers and will work with devices that don’t have the U1 chip. They will also require activation lock as a security measure.

Alongside the speaker, Fudge also says that the AirTags will come with an accelerometer, which detects motion. Fudge does not elaborate on this, so we don’t know entirely what it is for.

The most recent thing Fudge announced was that the AirTags may come in multiple different colours, which could be really cool. However, if AirTags are anything like AirPods, colours might not ever arrive.

I’m glad to know that they won’t require a U1 chip. It’s a “claim” by this leaker but if Apple required a chip for the tags to work, this would lock out a significant portion of its user base, so that part seems likely to me.