The Voice Assistant War: Alexa and Google Assistant Versus Siri

· Jeff Gamet · Analysis

Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home smart speakers

We’re still in the early stages of voice assistant technology so we can’t declare a winner yet, regardless of which you prefer. Based on what we’re seeing, however, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are putting Apple’s Siri in a serious catch up position.

How to Enable Alexa's Follow-Up Mode

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

Alexa app settings for Follow-Up Mode

Amazon added a new feature to its Alexa voice assistant platform that saves you from having to say the trigger word multiple times when you’re speaking a series of commands. The feature is called Follow-Up Mode, and here’s how to enable it.

Alexa's Laugh Demonstrates Pop Culture Blindsiding

· John Martellaro · Editorial

Scary, glowing eyes.

Our popular culture carries with it themes, pseudo-science, and technical fears. Woe to any company whose product missteps into that quagmire.

Alexa is Laughing at You and it's Creepy AF

· Jeff Gamet · News

Amazon Echo with ghost inside

The idea of having a voice assistant device in your home is already creepy for some people, and now it’s even worse because Amazon’s Alexa is spontaneously laughing.

Here's Why I'm Tired of Saying 'Hey Siri'

· Jeff Gamet · Editorial

HomePod with Siri

Saying “Hey Siri” is an awkward way to invoke Apple’s voice assistant platform. It’s time to drop the “Hey” and make talking to Siri feel more natural, like Amazon’s Alexa.

Paper Airplanes, Creepy Movie App Tracking, Voice Assistant Wars - ACM 452

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Podcast Logo

In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet geek out on paper airplanes, or more properly, powered paper airplanes! They also talk about MoviePass location tracking and the voice assistant wars (spoiler, not all home voice assistants are equal).

The Path Siri is Taking Towards Human Intelligence. Or Not

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

AI concept

Computers are good a generating speech, parsing human speech and minimally translating text. But when will it feel like there’s genuine, human intelligence on the computer’s part?