Apple's Retail Stores Are Bending But Not Breaking

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Apple Store at Park Meadows

Bloomberg reports that the magic is gone from Apple’s chain of retai stores. John looks at this complicated issue and then moves on to a metric boatload of the week’s news debris.

The Three Eras of the Apple Retail Stores

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Apple store at Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree, CO

At ZDNet, Chris Matyszczy, recounts his discussion with a former Apple store manager. Described are the three eras of the Apple retail stores, starting with the “golden age” under SVP Ron Johnson. After Johnson left Apple, in this employee’s opinion, the experience went vastly down hill. It’s just one ex-employee’s view. but fascinating reading nevertheless.

Kyoto Apple Store Opens Saturday

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple retail store Shijō Dori Kyoto

Apple’s Kyoto retail store officially opens this Saturday, August 25th. This is Apple’s ninth store in Japan and first in Kyoto.