But do You Really Want a 16-inch iPad?

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iPad Pro Your Next Computer

We’ve had lots of talk recently about the blurring of the lines between tablet and laptop by Apple, and rumors of a 16-inch Pad Pro Max. Over at Wired, Craig Grannell argues that this would confuse the product line and provide little value for users. I’m inclined to agree.

The 16in crowd nonetheless bangs on that bigger is always better and appears to divide into two distinct camps. The first includes designers and artists who – perfectly reasonably – love bigger canvases they can directly interact with. But on talking to such people, you quickly realise their dream isn’t a mere 16in, but something closer to an A3 iPad Pro (as in, a 20in model) – or bigger. They’re driven by the idea of a Wacom Cintiq that would have the elegance and simplicity of, well, an iPad. But expand the iPad’s dimensions by too much and it ceases to be portable, meaning you cannot use it to be creative anywhere you please. It stops being a consumption device, thereby eroding its versatility. And it becomes colossally expensive, making the device far less viable. In short, it would no longer be an iPad in any meaningful sense, being too niche to be broadly useful – to the point hardly anyone would buy one.

Reflections on the iPad Pro after WWDC

· W. Abdullah Brooks, MD · Analysis

2021 iPad Pro

As an avid iPad Pro user, Dr. Brooks focuses on the user community’s response to iPadOS 15 and iPad Pro in the wake of WWDC.

iPad Pro and Mini Set For Major Updates

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2021 iPad Pro

Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with wireless charging and a redesigned Pad mini to be released in 2022 and later in 2021 respectively.

Merino Wool Felt and Leather iPad Pro and iPad Air Sleeve: $79.99

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Hampshire iPad Pro 11

We have a deal on the Hampshire iPad Pro (11″) and iPad Air (10.9″) sleeve. This sleeve is made from Merino Wool felt and leather, and it features a pocket and a loop for your Apple Pencil, too. It’s also designed to hold the Magic Keyboard with your iPad, and the front flap closes with a magnetic clasp. It’s $79.99 through our deal.

New M1 iPad Pro Available to Buy

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2021 iPad Pro with M1

The new M1 iPad Pro is available to buy in-store and online – the 11-inch model starts at US$799, the 12.9-inch model starts at US$1,099.

Using an M1 iPad Pro for Photography

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2021 iPad Pro

Photographer Austin Mann recently published a review of the M1 iPad Pro, specifically in how it can be used in photography.

As any photographer knows, one of the most time-consuming parts of the photo creation process is culling through thousands of images, making selects, and editing the images. Thanks to the M1 chip, faster internal storage, and a few other improvements, the new iPad Pro with M1 is the fastest image sorting tool I’ve ever used.

iPad Pro With M1 Chip Available to Order

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2021 iPad Pro with M1

The latest iPad Pro with an M1 is available to order, with the 11-inch model starting at US$799 and the 12.9-inch model starting at US$1,099.

Speck Releases Cases for the 2021 iPad Pro Line

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Speck 2021 iPad Pro case

Speck has new cases ready for the 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch | iPad Pro 12.9-inch. These cases are the Balance Folio and Presidio Pro Folio.

How the New iPad Pro Really Got an M1 Chip

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Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event featured lots of announcements, and lots of videos. The one showing the new iPad Pro got fitted out with a new M1 chip was probably my favourite… wait for the end!