I've Seen the Future of Macintosh

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac intended to kick of 2021 with a “year in review” column, but it bored him and would have bored you, so instead he named Apple Silicon as the “Best Technological Achievement of 2020.”

Dr. Mac's Experience with an Apple Silicon (M1) Mac

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

With some trepidation, Dr. Mac bought a MacBook Pro M1 with only 8GB RAM because he didn’t want to wait a month for one with 16GB… Was eight (GB) enough?

Privacy-Focused Browser Now Has Native Support For M1 Macs

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Brave M1 Mac

Brave now offers native support for M1 Macs, 9to5Mac reported. This should help the privacy-focused browser utilize the faster speeds offered by Apple’s own silicon. That said, it is built on the Chrome engine, which often brings with it high memory usage and reduced battery performance.

The company says the latest version also has a fix for problems playing videos from a couple of key sites. “Our last desktop browser update of the year (v1.18.77) features native support for M1 Macs, a localization fix for Brave Rewards, and fixes for playing videos on HBO Max and IMDb.” Brave blocks ad trackers by default, and claims to be faster by blocking most ads too.

Battery Management, Nuking, Paving, and More — Mac Geek Gab 849

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Sometimes you Nuke, sometimes you Pave. Sometimes all you need to do is make a tweak. You’d think we were talking about building (and destroying) roads, but no… your two favorite geeks are talking tech! Apple tech, mostly. Listen as John and Dave answer your questions, share your tips and Cool Stuff Found, and generally help all of us learn at least five new things every week!

How Apple's M1 Chip is Leading a Revolution in the Industry

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Apple M1 SoC

In the latest episode of Odd Lots, a Bloomberg News podcast on markets, finance, and economics hosts Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway discuss how Apple is blazing new ground with the M1 chip. Doug O’Loughlin, the writer of the  Mule’s Musings newsletter, offered his perspective on the tech industry.

Mozilla Supports M1 Macs With Firefox 84

· Andrew Orr · News

Firefox logo

Mozilla issued an update to Firefox on Tuesday, and the 84th version has added support for M1 Macs, along with a few new features.

Adobe Lightroom Adds Support for M1 Macs, ProRAW

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Adobe lightroom logo

Adobe Lightroom is now a native app for M1 Macs and supports Apple’s ProRAW photo format it will release in iOS 14.3 for iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max.

As we’re getting started on desktop Arm / Apple M1, we’ll continue to optimize for Arm and M1 in subsequent releases. And if you’re on an Intel based computer, don’t worry…we’ll continue to invest in and improve Lightroom for you too.

Windows 10 on ARM Running on an M1 Mac Beats Surface Pro X

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Mac mini box

An engineer for Amazon Web Services was able to run Windows on ARM on an M1 Mac, and it’s faster than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

According to Geekbench 5 results, Windows ARM running on the M1 chip is faster than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, which is a great deal. The version running on the M1 Mac scored a single-core score of 1288 and a multi-core score of 5449, which obliterates the Surface’s single-core score of 765 and multi-core score of 3014.

You May be Able to Connect Six External Displays to Your M1 Mac

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Some users noticed the new M1 Macs seemed to be able to support fewer external displays than their Intel-powered predecessors. Well, YouTuber Ruslan Tulopov has found a way to connect up to six.

Apple's M1 MacBook Air: One Week In, It's the Little Things

· Dave Hamilton · Quick Look Review

Apple's M1 MacBook Air

I was fortunate enough to receive my built-to-order M1 MacBook Air (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 8-core GPU) last Tuesday, and I’ve had a week to truly experience it. We’ve all read the early reviews (Snell, Gruber, and Bohn are the highlights), and they’ve focused on the specs and the highlights, so I won’t rehash (much of) that here. What I want to focus on are the little things.

Big Sur, the M1 MacBook Air, and Quick Tips — Mac Geek Gab 845

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Dave’s had his M1 MacBook Air for a week, and John has some questions for him! Lots more about Big Sur including your questions answered *and* some Quick Tips. Of course, MGG wouldn’t be complete without more in-depth tips, too, and y’all have been keeping the queue full in that department! Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things.

Thoughts on Macs with M1 Processors

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac is looking forward to getting an M1-powered Mac, but he has a few concerns before he’s ready to commit.