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MacBook Air vs. iPad Pro Is a Choice Between the Past and the Future

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2018 MacBook Air features.

The new, more powerful, MacBook Airs and iPad Pros launched at Apple’s “There’s More in the Making” event in Brooklyn on Tuesday gave users a compelling choice – could these be our main machines instead of something we just throw in a backpack?  Vlad Savov outlines the argument well over at The Verge:

In crafting its most compelling iPad and MacBook Air to date, Apple also created a major headache for people like me. I’m a member of that classic Intel ultrabook demographic whose computing needs are light but constant. You won’t catch me doing 3D modeling or 4K video production on my laptop, but I do a litany of small tasks online, in a word processor, or in Adobe’s Lightroom. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for two years that does most of what I want, but it really doesn’t last long enough. Now, Apple is offering me the much better battery life I need with the high-quality display I desire, but it’s fragmented the choice. Both the new MacBook Air and new iPad Pro could be the ideal computer for me.

A not dissimilar conversation was on TMO Daily Observations in the wake of the event.

New BBC Sounds app launches for iOS

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The BBC has launched a new app, BBC Sounds, that puts all its audio output into one place. The app officially went live on Tuesday and replaces the BBC iPlayer Radio App. Users can now access live radio, previously broadcast shows and podcasts via one app. It will even allow users to access some popular non-BBC podcasts, with more to be added in the coming months. Exclusive music mixes will also be published on the app, alongside archives of BBC radio comedy and drama. App Store: BBC Sounds (free)

New BBC Sounds app launches for iOS