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Jeff Gamet

Jeff Gamet is the Mac Observer’s Managing Editor, and co-host of the Apple Context Machine podcast. He is the author of “The Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X” from Peachpit Press, and writes for several design-related publications. Jeff has presented at events such as Macworld Expo, the RSA Conference, and the Mac Computer Expo. In all his spare time, he also hosts TMO’s Daily Observations podcast, co-hosts The iOS Show podcast, and makes guest appearances on several other shows, too. Jeff dreams in HD.

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Better Apple App, Music, and Book Searches with

Finding just what you want on Apple’s app, music, book, and video stores can be frustrating, which is why fnd is such a cool, well, find. The website lets you search across all of Apple’s content stores along with video charts you can filter. For example, you can see all of the top free iPhone apps in the US App Store. It also has integrations for Alfred and Launch Center Pro. The website is free to use, and a much better experience than Apple’s own store search options.