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TMO Background Mode Interview with WUOT Morning Radio Host Victor Agreda

· · Background Mode Podcast

Victor Agreda on Background Mode.

Victor Agreda is a freelance voice actor, WUOT (Knoxville) Radio Morning Edition Host, and former Editor-in-Chief of The Unofficial Apple Weblog, affectionately known as “TUAW.” Early on, as a student at the University of Tennessee, he had an equal interest in English and electrical & computer engineering. By and by, he discovered that writing and journalism were what he was really good at. And yet, thanks to his engineering background, his first job out of college was as a Webmaster. We chatted about how he’s done stand-up comedy, founded Superpixels Studios, does voiced acting, does puppeteering, became the E-i-C of TUAW, worked with Angry Dad Gamer on YouTube, and finally, how he landed the job as a NPR Morning Edition host. Victor is a fascinating, delightful fellow to listen to.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Asst. Dir. of Operations at NWRDC John Welch

· · Background Mode Podcast

John Welch on BGM.

John Welch is the Assistant Director of Operations at the Northwest Regional Data Center at Florida State University. Over the last 30 years, he’s become an expert Mac IT administrator, using UNIX systems and the UNIX-based Mac to work with them. He’s worked for the military, major businesses and several universities such as MIT and FSU. John told me about the incredibly serendipitous events that led to each of his many IT jobs. In the second segment, we chatted about macOS server, Apple in the enterprise (Apple’s approach and strengths), and perspectives on the recent High Sierra root access security snafu in light of several other historical Mac events that he lived through. John also provided his insights about the new, amazing iMac Pro. His deep experience with Macs makes for great listening.

TMO Background Mode Special Edition #3 With Former Apple Executive Michael Gartenberg

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Michael Gartenberg

Michael Gartenberg spent three years as Apple’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, reporting directly to Senior VP Phil Schiller. In this very special edition, Michael and I chat about what we think Apple will ship in 2018. We go from certain, HomePod, to very speculative, a new Mac mini, and everything in between. iPhone 11? iPhone 9? Coffee Lake MacBook Pros? At the end of the show we also offer up some fantasies about what we’d personally like Apple to do.

Fundamental Units of Measure: Furlongs, Fortnight and Firkin

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In older times, graduate students in physics and engineering spoke fondly of a unit of speed called furlongs per fortnight. (About a sixth of a mm per second.) Recently, I discovered that there really is a formalized (but playful and humorous) system, like the metric system, called the FFF system. The unit of mass is the firkin, time is the fortnight, and distance is the furlong. Many other derived units, sans electric charge, can be derived from these basic FFF units.  As Mr. Spock would say: “Fascinating.” (I propose the unit of electric charge be called the frakkin.) Homework assignment: calculate the speed of light in the FFF system.

Fundamental Units of Measure: Furlongs, Fortnight and Firkin