4 Private DNS Services to Use on iOS and macOS

· Andrew Orr · Deep Dive

Switching from your ISP’s DNS servers is good because your browsing history could be sold. Here are four private DNS servers to use instead.

Here is My Shortcut to Get App Screenshots

· Andrew Orr · Deep Dive

Shortcuts icon

Andrew created a shortcut to get app screenshots from the App Store in a higher quality than what it defaults to when you download them.

Get Free Bitcoins from 33 Faucets That Pay

· Bryan Chaffin · Deep Dive

Bitcoins Raining Down

Bryan Chaffin explains how Bitcoin faucets work and which faucets you can trust to pay. [Update: reformatted the guide, removed several defunct faucets, and updated all descriptions. – Bryan]

Getting Started with Apple TV+

· John Martellaro · Deep Dive

Apple TV+ launches on November 1, 2019 in over 100 countries. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started.

How to Choose the Best Mesh Wireless System For Your Home

· Dave Hamilton · How-To

Sorting through the mesh wireless systems available today can be tricky. Read on, and we’ll teach you how to decide which one is best for you. [Update: Anti-malware is a theme of this update, with Plume SuperPods, Orbi, and Linksys Velop all joining the club with solid offerings in this regard. eero and Plume both solved their LAN persistence problems, keeping your Wi-Fi alive even if your Internet connection goes down. AmpliFi is doing some cool things for IoT users with regards to setting up separate SSIDs for that, too. See Changelog – Dave]

An Introduction to Apple’s New TV App

· John Martellaro · Deep Dive

It’s time to take a look at Apple’s revised version of the Apple TV app. John walks us through the app and subscription management.

How to Select a Processor Option for Your New Mac

· John Martellaro · Deep Dive

Apple's Mac family with macOS Mojave

Apple has announced and shipped some exciting new Macs in 2018. For a prospective buyer, selecting the right processor option is one of the first tasks. John provides some guidance.

How To Choose a VPN for iPhone

· John Mason · Deep Dive

Screenshot of VPN app for iPhone in App Store

Are you looking to boost your iPhone’s security by using a VPN? VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) have been around for decades now and you may have heard of them already. They help everyone, from individuals to big businesses, protect their security and privacy and have gone on to become an essential part of the cybersecurity system for many.