Podcasters: Replace Skype with Discord for Better Audio Quality and Web-Based Interviews

· Dave Hamilton · Deep Dive

Discord's Audio is way better than Skype's for podcasting

After 12 years of using Skype for our podcasts, we switched to Discord in November and haven’t looked back. With better audio quality and the ability to have interview guests participate entirely in their web browsers, Discord is a much better solution for today’s podcaster. We’ll show you how to get going.

How to Set Up Your Apple TV 4K

· John Martellaro · Deep Dive

Apple TV 4K

So now you have an Apple TV 4K. John has some hints on how to get it set up and watch 4K/UHD content.

What Is Bitcoin? Here’s the Bitcoin Primer You Need

· Bryan Chaffin & Dave Hamilton · Deep Dive

Bitcoin sitting on gold nuggets

We’ll explain what Bitcoin is, how Bitcoin works, how Bitcoin wallets work, and throw a mention in for getting free Bitcoins through faucets.

Most Everything to Know About Apple TV 4K

· John Martellaro · Tips

Apple TV 4K

The holidays are upon us, and so John put together (most) everything a buyer might need to know about the Apple TV 4K.

4K/UHD TV and Apple TV 4K Buying Tips

· John Martellaro · Deep Dive

Sony Bravia XBR-A1E

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday imminent, John offers some tips for those thinking about moving up to a 4K/UHD TV and an Apple TV 4K.

How to Use iMazing to Manage Apps

· Jeff Butts · Deep Dive

iMazing manage apps

Jeff Butts takes you on a tour through the new feature, showing how efficient and effective iMazing has become at app management.

How to Make Money from Bitcoin Faucets [Update]

· Bryan Chaffin · Deep Dive

A physical Bitcoin on a keyboard

Bryan Chaffin has been using Bitcoin faucets for years, shares everything he’s learned about making the most out of them. [Updated with new information.]