Linksys Velop Tri-Band Routers Now Support HomeKit

Linksys Velop Tri-Band Routers now support Apple’s HomeKit through a free update available in the Linksys app.

Through ‌HomeKit‌, Velop users can choose to firewall off ‌HomeKit‌ accessories to prevent them from communicating with other WiFi devices on a home network and untrusted internet services to prevent hacking attempts and provide better security for connected home devices.

HomeKit-compatible Velop Tri-band model numbers that work with ‌‌HomeKit‌‌ include A03, WHW0301, WHW0301B, WHW0302, WHW0302B, WHW0303, and WHW0303B.

Good news for owners of these routers.

New Level Touch Lock Lets You Unlock With Your Finger and Voice

Level introduced a new lock on Tuesday called Level Touch that lets you unlock it with your finger, voice, or programmable keycard. It also has an app that works with HomeKit and Siri. Features include auto-lock, auto-unlock, sharing access, recent activity, passes, and audio confirmation. With HomeKit you get features like remote connectivity, voice control, automations, and notifications. You can order one today for US$329.

‘Eve Home’ 4.5 Update Adds Full Screen Camera Overview, Eve Cam Deal

Eve Home was updated Thursday to bring new features to customers. Specifically, the update involves Eve Cam. A feature in the app called “My Cameras” gives you a big, full screen overview that shows you live video feeds from all your HomeKit-enabled cameras. You can also flip the camera image of Eve Cam to give you more mounting options. Speaking of Eve Cam, the company has a great deal: You can buy two of them for US$279.95 at

‘Eve for HomeKit’ 4.4 Update Adds Smart Schedule Suspension

Eve for HomeKit updated to 4.4 recently and a major feature added is called Smart Schedule Suspension for Eve Aqua. This lets you pause your watering schedules if the weather forecast calls for rain so your plants won’t be overwatered. This is enabled by a built-in Siri Shortcut within the app. You can use from Siri, the Shortcuts app, the widget in Today View, or as an automation. Eve has more information in its blog post. App Store: Free

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