Using an M1 iPad Pro for Photography

Photographer Austin Mann recently published a review of the M1 iPad Pro, specifically in how it can be used in photography.

As any photographer knows, one of the most time-consuming parts of the photo creation process is culling through thousands of images, making selects, and editing the images. Thanks to the M1 chip, faster internal storage, and a few other improvements, the new iPad Pro with M1 is the fastest image sorting tool I’ve ever used.

Apple Store App on iPad Now Has a Sidebar for Better Navigation

Apple recently updated the Apple Store app and it redesigns the user interface for the iPad. It now has a sidebar similar to its other apps like Photos and News. You can quickly see tabs for various products as well as seeing your bag, looking for sessions, and finding the personalized For You section. The update also made it easier to add a keyboard or Apple Pencil when you shop for an iPad.

Lux Releases ‘Halide’ Camera App for the iPad

Lux, the company that makes the Halide and Specter camera apps, announced on Tuesday Halide for iPad.

We did bring all of the powerful features from iPhone, though: You can shoot RAW with your iPad, apply Instant RAW, view images and extensive metadata in detail in the reviewer, access our powerful Depth mode, and much more. Tons of refinements, design details and tidbits were added and changed to be great on the big screen, and we can’t wait for you to discover them all.

App Store Link

Why Putting macOS on iPad is a Bad Idea

Since the introduction of the M1 chip to various iPad models, there has been lots of talk about replacing iPadOS with macOS. One person who is not a fan of this idea is Ed Hardy. He explained why at Cult of Mac.

No matter that Macs and iPads run on the same chip. macOS isn’t designed for a touchscreen. Apple would need to redesign the operating system to run on a tablet, and devs would need to alter third-party applications, too. And that would anger people using non-touchscreen laptops and desktops. Plus, people happy with the iPad now wouldn’t like the change either.