CES - Wemo Bridge Makes All Your Wemo Gear HomeKit Compatible

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LAS VEGAS – Wemo introduced their HomeKit compatible Wemo Bridge at CES, and showed it off to Jeff Gamet. It lets you add all your Wemo devices to a HomeKit network without replacing any gear. Check out our video interview.

CES - Kuri is the Cutest Smart Home Robot Around

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LAS VEGAS – Kuri is an amazingly sophisticated and cute smart home robot that’s ready to roll into your house. Mayfield Robotics shows off their cool personal robot to Jeff Gamet at CES 2018.

CES - Schlage Smart Locks with HomeKit and Alexa Support

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LAS VEGAS – Schlage showed off their smart deadbolt locks at CES 2018 with HomeKit and Alexa support to Jeff Gamet. Coming soon: Google Home support. Check out TMO’s video interview.

CES - Guardian Automatically Shuts off Your Water System to Prevent Leaks

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LAS VEGAS – Homeowners (and probably insurance carriers!) can rejoice at the Guardian automated leak prevention system, shipping today. The system is entirely do-it-yourself and requires no plumbing to be done at all. Simply clamp the main unit onto the pipe where your water main control valve is, and then set the Wi-Fi-connected sensors in strategic locations around the house. When one of the sensors detects a leak, the system’s automated motor closes the valve to prevent water damage from a constantly-fed open pipe. Each sensor has a 15-year battery inside it. We think that’s long enough to get your money out of the system and move on to something else cool in 10 years! Guardian also includes a temperature sensor to help prevent against water damage from frozen pipes. At 45F the system starts sending alerts to your iPhone; at 40F it shuts off your water. The iOS app can also be used to control and monitor the system remotely. A kit with the battery-backed base unit and three Wi-Fi sensors is priced at US$399, and you can add more sensors whenever you like.

Sylvania Announces Apple HomeKit Smartbulbs and Flexstrip

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Sylvania announced two lighting products for Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem. The Sylvania Smart+ A19 Soft White LED Bulb puts out 800 lumens, the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent lightbulb. It’s dimmable, and joins the full color A19 already on the market. The Sylvania Smart+ Full Color LED Flex Strip supports both full color and dimming. It puts out 400 lumens, or roughly the equivalent of a 30 watt incandescent bulb. Neither light requires a hub for on-off functionality, but work in Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem with hubs like an Apple TV, HomePod, or an iPad. Using a hub, users can automate the lights and access them remotely. I’m stoked to see new HomeKit products hit the market, and these ship on October 23rd. They’re on Amazon now, listed as out-of-stock. The Smart+ A19 Soft White LED Bulb is $25.99, while the Smart+ Full Color LED Flex Strip is $59.99.

Sylvania Announces Apple HomeKit Smartbulbs and Flexstrip

Want a Flying Robot to Monitor Your Home? Check Out Aevena Aire

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Aevena Aire smart home drone

If you’ve been thinking “What my smart home really needs is a flying robot,” then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Aevena is making. The company has a Kickstarter for its Aire, which is an Alexa-controlled robot that flies around your house monitoring for trouble or just snapping photos and video when you ask. It’s essentially a cross between a security cam and drone that uses multiple sensors and cameras to detect intruders and let you remotely see what’s happening. They say the Aire is quiet so it won’t distract by sounding like a swarm of angry flying machines. You can check out the Aevena Aire on Kickstarter and sign up to get your own flying robot to watch over your home.

A Robotic Lawn Mower to Save Your Pennies For

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robotic lawn mower

Jeff Butts loves all sorts of home automation gadgets, so it’s little surprise he’s interested in these yard machines.

Amazon Intros Echo Plus and Spot, Fire TV 4K

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Amazon Echo and Echo Spot

Amazon just ramped up its smarthome game—and Echo product line—with new Echo and Echo Plus smart speakers, and the Echo Spot.

Elgato Intros HomeKit Door Lock, Smoke Detector, More

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Elgato Eve Door Lock and Smoke Detector with HomeKit support

Elgato is expanding its Eve HomeKit-compatible smart home product lineup with a new door lock, smoke detector, window sensor, and lawn watering controller.