How Much Does iCloud Storage Cost?

· Charlotte Henry · Quick Tip

Every Apple user gets 5GB of iCloud storage at no cost, but for those that need a bit more, there are three paid options.

iPadOS 14: How to Fix iPad Books 2-Column Issue

· Bryan Chaffin · Quick Tip

Books App in iPadOS 14 with 2-column view on the left and 1-column view on the right

Apple’s Books app in iPadOS OS 13 and iPadOS 14 has an interesting interface quirk that can display your book’s text in two narrow columns like a newspaper, and Bryan Chaffin has the quick fix.

7 New Features Included in watchOS 7

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

SPO2 testing in the field remains.

Apple released watchOS 7 to the public on Wednesday and there are a ton of new features available to customers. Here are seven of them.

macOS: Getting Rid of the Windows EFI Boot Entry

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Windows on a Mac and the EFI Boot Entry

When you delete a Windows partition, but don’t use Boot Camp Assistant to remove the installation, something pesky gets left behind. In this Quick Tip, Jeff Butts shows how to delete the leftover EFI Boot entry from when you dual-booted between macOS and Windows.

Set an Alarm In the Revamped iOS 14 Clock App

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Set an Alarm on iOS 14

An annoyance in how you set an alarm in the Clock app has been fixed. The rotating dial is gone, but the feature still isn’t perfect.

MacOS: Using Email Encryption in Apple's Mail

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

email encryption

You’ve heard how easy it is to send and receive encrypted emails using Apple Mail. This is pretty important to set up, if you send sensitive data through email. In this article, Jeff Butts walks you through that configuration from beginning to end.