TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-15: The iPhone 7 Launch Famine, watchOS 3 Standout Features

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Good luck walking into a store tomorrow and buying a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus because they’re already pretty much completely sold out. John Martellaro joins Jeff Gamet to talk about Apple product launch strategies and controlling inventory to drive up hype. They also share some watchOS 3 standout features—both good and annoying.

iPhone 7 Plus Sold Out Worldwide, iPhone 7 Availability Limited

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Boulder Apple Store

It’s no secret Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus inventory is constrained, but now it’s clear just how limited availability will be come Friday morning when the new models are supposed to hit store shelves. The iPhone 7 Plus is sold out around the world, as is the Jet Black iPhone 7, which means what’s left of the black, rose gold, and silver iPhone 7 inventory will be hard to come by.

iPhone 7 Upgrade Program gets more Inventory, Apple Stores Lose Out

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iPhone 7 sold out

iPhone Upgrade Program members who felt jilted last Friday when pre-orders began and they couldn’t score a new iPhone 7 may have a chance to get in on this week’s launch day action. Apple made more inventory available for Upgrade Program members, but that may be at the expense of walk-in buyers.

The iOS Home Screen Grid of Apps Doesn't Need Changing

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iOS Home screen grid

From time to time, especially when a new version of iOS is released, articles are written about how the iOS home screen layout of app icons in a rectangular grid is tired and needs updating. The question is, “With what?” John Martellaro takes a look at this issue and provides his analysis.

My Take on Apple's iPhone 7 Event

· · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Apple's media event for iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

This week in Dr. Mac’s Rants & Raves, read Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus’ thoughts on Apple’s big event last week in San Francisco including big reveals of Super Mario, Pokémon GO, the Apple Watch Series 2, and the iPhone 7.

FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds: $39

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FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

With the iPhone 7 shipping this Friday without a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth earbuds suddenly look a lot more compelling. If you’re in the market, check out today’s TMO deal: FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds. They turn off automatically when you click the built-in magnets together and turn on when you pull them apart, are water and sweat resistant, run for 10 hours on a charge and recharge in 90 minutes, and include a built-in microphone for answering calls on the go. The FRESHeBUDS Pro normally cost US$119.95, but are 66% off right now, so you’ll pay only $39.95.

Single Sign-on Missing from tvOS 10 Update

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Apple TV tvOS 10

When Apple released tvOS 10 on Tuesday along side iOS 10 and watchOS 3, our fourth generation Apple TVs got some cool new features like a dark mode interface and more powerful Siri search support. What we aren’t getting is single sign-on support—a feature promised earlier this year at Apple’s annual developer conference.

Jet Black Apple AirPods? Yes, Please

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Apple gave many iPhone fans what they wanted when they introduced “black” and “jet black” color options for the new iPhone 7, but the company’s intriguing AirPods are only available in traditional “Apple white.” As a taste of what could have been, and what may be soon, designer Martin Hajek created some renderings of jet black AirPods, which happen to look fantastic paired with their corresponding iPhone 7. Check out Martin’s site for a full set of renderings.

Jet Black Apple AirPods? Yes, Please

Disable 'Reduce Motion' to See New iOS 10 Message Effects

· · Quick Tip

iphone imessage effects

Having trouble creating or seeing the new Bubble and Screen Effects in the iOS 10 Messages app? The culprit may be an iOS Accessibility setting. Check out our quick tip for a possible solution as to why your iMessages suddenly seem so dull compared to everyone else.

Apple's Swift Playgrounds for iPad Hits the App Store

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Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Apple released Swift Playgrounds for iPad along side iOS 10 on Tuesday, giving us the tablet-based developer learning tool first shown off earlier this year at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The app teaches coding skills without needing any prior experience.

How I Turned a Bunch of Drawings into iOS 10 Sticker Packs

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iOS 10 Messages Stickers

What happens when you tell artists they can make sticker packs for iOS 10 Messages easily? They do, and I took that as an invitation, so I went through the process of creating two sticker packs to learn how the process works. It’s a win-win scenario, because I know a lot more about what developers experience, and you get two sticker packs.

TMO's Jeff Gamet Dives into iOS 10 Stickers with Space is the Place

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TMO’s Jeff Gamet has been experimenting with iOS 10 Sticker Packs, and now that Apple has finally released its latest iPhone and iPad operating system, you can get in on his handiwork. Jeff has two Sticker Packs available today: Space is the Place – Color and Space is the Place – BW loaded up with his artwork and ready to go in Messages. The packs are priced at US$0.99 because launch day deals are always fun. The price for each pack will go up, so grab them right away.

TMO’s Jeff Gamet Dives into iOS 10 Stickers with Space is the Place

PDF Expert 2 for Mac: $29

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PDF Expert 2 for the Mac

Readdle’s PDF Expert 2 is a great PDF reader and editor that goes far beyond OS X’s Preview app at a price that doesn’t put the squeeze on your pocketbook. The app lets you edit text, images and links in PDF files, annotate documents, merge files into a single PDF, complet PDF forms, add document passwords, and more. PDF Expert is regularly US$59.99, but with TMO’s deal you can pick up a copy for half off at $29.99.