The Great Internet Blocking Conspiracy – Mac Geek Gab 807

Options for Apple TV Volume, Silencing CarPlay upon connect, LTE internet options, and managing the shared family calendar only scratch the surface of this episode’s content: the mailbag overflows with your tips and questions, and John and Dave do their level best to share, answer, entertain and inform! Press play to learn about all this and more; and learn five new things in the process!

Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones: $169.99

We have a deal on a pair of Freesay TWS Simultaneous Translation Earphones. The company says these wireless earbuds deliver 97% accurate two-way translation, with 30+ languages under Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot connection. They also play music, have noise canceling, and come with a charging case that can be used in the translation process. They’re $199.99 through our deal, but coupon code SPRINGSAVE15 brings the checkout price down to $169.99.

Manfredi Gioacchini Used an iPhone to Document Climate Change in Antarctica

Documentary photographer Manfredi Gioacchini is documenting climate change in Antarctica. His tool? An iPhone.

“Most of the usage was related with video recording, in fact the audio of the new phone is incredible,” says the photographer. “That’s important in matters of the climate change… capturing the sounds of icebergs breaking down…”

He also managed to take advantage of the phone’s Night Mode, though it wasn’t necessary for most of the trip, since the sun never dipped below twilight. Scroll down to see Manfredi’s photos for yourself.

Important work, and also beautiful.

CarPlay Slows Driver Reactions Even More Than Alcohol, Study Finds

CarPlay is fantastically useful, but new research reported on by AppleInsider suggests that it could severely limit your reaction time.  The study for UK road safety charity IAM RoadSmart showed that in-vehicle infotainment systems can impair drivers’ reactions even more than cannabis or alcohol do.

Regardless of the infotainment system, all users showed significantly slowed reaction time. Undistracted drivers typically showed a one-second reaction time. Those who used the voice-controlled Apple CarPlay saw a 36% increase in their reaction time, which rose to 57% when they used the touch interface. Android Auto users faired only slightly better—a 30% increase in reaction time when using voice control, and 53% when using touch controls. For comparison, those who drive under the influence at the drink-drive limit showed a 12% increase in reaction time, and those who used cannabis saw a 21% increase.