AirPods Market Share Dropped From 41 Percent to 29 Percent

Mashable‘s Alex Perry writes how AirPods revolutionized the wireless earbud space but is currently falling behind.

AirPods market share dropped from 41 percent at the end of 2019 to 29 percent at the end of 2020, according to research firm Counterpoint. That’s still a substantial lead over everyone else, but it does point to what happened in the more than two years since the last AirPods update: Other companies made cheaper and better entry-level wireless earbuds, and consumers took notice.

Photo by Lala Azizli on Unsplash

Ming Chi-Kuo: AirPods Pro Two Coming 2022

New AirPods Pro 2 will debut in 2022, according to a note from analyst Ming -Chi-Kuo seen by iMore. Indeed, he expects Apple’s earbuds to ship 100 million units overall that year.

Kuo says that while Apple’s AirPods business will “decline in the short term (2H21–1H22)” he expects that to be rectified by the second half of the year. Short term, however, lower than expected demand is thought to mean Apple will ship up to 75 million units which is 10 million down on the previous prediction. In terms of AirPods as a whole, Kuo says that he expects Apple to ship more than 100 million units in 2022, even if the new products don’t feature an “innovative experience.” Such an experience has been talked about before — previous reports have suggested some form of health tracking could be added to AirPods Pro specifically.

Accessory-Maker Twelve South's Memorial Day Sale is Now On

Twelve South’s Memorial Day sale is now open. It is offering up to 50 percent of various accessories for Apple devices and other products through Monday. Products in the sale include the AirSnap case for AirPods (US$24.99 instead of US$24.99) and the PlugBug Duo MacBook – a global travel adapter with two extra USB chargers (US$29.99 instead of US$59.99).