Ford CarPlay is Here for 2016 Models Via Software Update

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Ford just announced that CarPlay is coming to all of its 2016 model vehicles with a new software update. CarPlay requires an iPhone 5 or later, and running iOS 7.1 or later. You can either take your car to the nearest Ford dealer for the Ford CarPlay update, or do it yourself.

Apple Ships iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, More Siri, Apple File System, More

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

iOS 10 Logo

Apple shipped iOS 10.3 Monday, a significant update to the company’s mobile operating system. Major features include the ability to find your AirPods under Find My iPhone; new Siri integration with third party apps; new CarPlay features, including daily curated playlists from Apple Music; and perhaps most importantly, the official rollout of Apple File System.

Mazda Will Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Retroactive for Some Models

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Mazda announced Monday that it will (finally) add support for Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto technologies. reported (via AppleInsider) that Mazda was short on specifics, but that support for both platforms will be retroactive with models that have Mazda Connect. That platform first appeared in in the 2014 Mazda3. There’s no specific timeline for the rollout, but Mazda made the announcement as part of the 2017 introduction of the Mazda CX-5 (pictured below). The company did say a “potentially minimal hardware addition” may be necessary, but it didn’t explain what that might be or how much it will cost. also noted that once Mazda is on board, Toyota will be the last major holdout to support these mobile connectivity platforms from Apple and Google.

Mazda Will Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Retroactive for Some Models

Ford, Toyota Lead Auto Industry Consortium to Slow CarPlay Adoption

· Jim Tanous · News

car navigation system

Traditional automakers may not have to compete with an Apple-manufactured car any time soon, but that’s not stopping them from ensuring that tech firms such as Apple and Google fail to reach dominance in the in-car entertainment market.

Samsung Buying Harman to Take on Apple's CarPlay

· Jeff Gamet · News

Samsung buying audio company Harman to compete with Apple's CarPlay

Everyone wants a piece of your car’s dashboard, and Samsung is buying Harman to get its slice of driving experience. The US$8 billion deal will give Samsung a platform for linking our smartphones to our cars, along with a way for the company to compete with Apple’s CarPlay platform.